‘We are going to win’ – Gate Gourmet workers

Last Sunday’s picket on the hill near to the Gate Gourmet plant
Last Sunday’s picket on the hill near to the Gate Gourmet plant

LOCKED-OUT Gate Gourmet workers are campaigning all this week for their march and rally in Southall on Sunday December 4.

Speaking on the picket line at Heathrow Airport yesterday, Chanan Rattu told News Line: ‘We went to support the RMT railway workers at King’s Cross station on Saturday.

‘We gave out lots of leaflets for our march and many people said they would come.

‘We are out all week campaigning for the march on December 4 and maintaining our picket line as well.

‘We are not going to give in to the company or the union leaders who want to call off our struggle.

‘They want to settle with the company but nothing is over.

‘The only settlement will be reinstatement on our original terms and conditions, plus payment for all our lost wages.

‘This is a fight for the whole working class.

‘If this company gets away with it, then all the workers at Heathrow and all over the country face the same.’

Chanan also spoke about the lack of shelter for the picket line.

He said: ‘When we went to see Brendan Gold (TGWU head of civil aviation) last week, we were promised proper shelter and heat and food every day on the picket line.

‘But instead, there’s no shelter and not even the tent that we have had up till now.

‘We are not going to let them destroy our picket.’

Jaswinder Phal added: ‘Everyone should come on our march to put a stop to these slave labour bosses.

‘The union leaders are trying to put a stop to the picket.

‘They want to help the company and they say the deal is going to continue, but it’s not. We don’t accept this deal.

‘They are trying to freeze us off the picket line but we are not going to give in.’

Majo Johal, another picket, said: ‘Nothing is over. We have to carry on the picket.

‘The senior shop stewards are following Tony Woodley and Brendan Gold.

‘They want to end the fight and end the picket.

‘But we are not going. We are fighting for principles and we are going to win.’

On the picket of 30 people yesterday, Parmjit Bains said: ‘Senior shop steward, Mr Dhillon, told people in the Hillingdon union office that after December 6 the dispute is finished and so will the picket.

‘We are not accepting this. We will carry on our fight and we will fight against the union leaders and we will tell everyone on our march on Sunday what is happening.

‘We are appealing to all trade unions to support us.’