‘US-Eu Stop Supporting Nazi Coup!’

Part of the rally outside the EU Offices in Athens on Tuesday evening
Part of the rally outside the EU Offices in Athens on Tuesday evening

SOME 300 members of the Athens Ukrainian community, including relatives of the Greek-Pontus minorities in the Ukraine and the Crimea, along with contingents of Greek left-wing political parties, staged a militant demonstration at the European Union Offices in central Athens on Tuesday evening.

They were protesting against the EE’s support to the coupist Ukrainian regime. Demonstrators then marched to the US Embassy where they handed a resolution against the US support for the fascists.

At the rally outside the EU Athens Offices Panagiotis Khsantopoulos, the President of the Greek Association of the Pontian Scholars, who have emigrated to Greece from the Black Sea communities in the Ukraine and Russia, called for a struggle to ‘get the fascists out of the Ukraine’. He said that this Athens mobilisation must continue and he condemned ‘this shameful Greek government’ that supports the coupists in Kiev.

There were also speeches by Ukrainian women and a representative of the Greek anti-capitalist formation ANTARSYA who condemned the murder of workers by the fascists in the Odessa trade union building last Friday and the EU-USA support to the coupist Kiev government.

Outside the EU Offices Ukrainian women held makeshift placards stating ‘we want peace’, ‘fascists out’, ‘US EU stop supporting the Nazi coup in Ukraine’, ‘The Ukrainian fascists must be tried’ and ‘Stop Ukrainian genocide’. There were also banners stating ‘Stop neo-fascism in Ukraine’. Many members of the Ukrainian community wore the brown-red stripe ribbons.

The Trotskyists of the Revolutionary Marxist League distributed their leaflet calling for a Soviet Ukraine, for arming the Ukrainian workers fighting against the coupists’ army and for the Red Army to march to Kiev.