‘The World Must Act Now Or Never For A Palestinian State’

Palestinians demonstrate in Jericho, rejecting the annexation plan and demanding a Palestinian State

FATAH issued a warning yesterday that the annexation issue is still a dangerously imminent issue on the table.

In a statement, the movement cautioned that Israel’s Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu may be waiting till the various European Parliaments start their summer break so that the international reaction to a possible annexation may be rather mild.

A spokesman for the Fatah movement Jamal Nazzal said: ‘Fatah won’t ever be ready to support any type of negotiations with Israel if the annexation takes place at any point in time,’ assuring, however, that his movement does stand for a negotiated peaceful solution to the conflict with Israel based on international law and the Arab peace initiative.

‘Fatah was not and won’t be ready to accept anything less than a fully independent Palestinian State within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

‘The annexation plan is aimed at depriving our people from their rights by separating the population from the lands internationally recognised as occupied territories which are crucially vital to the future generations of our people,’ he remarked.

‘The idea of annexation is an extremely racist plan that stems from an ideology of extremism led by hardliner Netanyahu whose ways are poisoning the minds of some political actors around the world in a way that threatens to overturn the idea of democracy and equality among states and peoples alike.’

Nazzal noted that ‘the notion of annexing our land without consulting with us is extremely disrespectful and we condemn all attempts aimed at turning our existence into a national trauma consisting of having to feel the existential threat to be found somewhere between the total negation of our rights and the threat of political annihilation, while the entire world is watching and giving Netanyahu the time needed to set the region on fire or kill the very foundation of peace in the region for generations to come.’

‘This is why we say today: the world must act now or never to stop the Israeli government from taking the disastrous step which will most certainly close the doors for any future negotiations that we could support,” he added.

Nazzal called on all European and international parliaments and governments all over the world to ‘take the necessary steps and be prepared for this scenario to block the way to any opportunistic approach’.

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