‘Take Action’ Unite Leaders Are Urged

Sacked Visteon workers in Basildon yesterday, demanding Ford terms and contract conditions
Sacked Visteon workers in Basildon yesterday, demanding Ford terms and contract conditions

SACKED Visteon workers at the Enfield and Basildon plants yesterday demanded their union leadership take action to win their struggle.

At the Enfield plant, Unite member Matt Goldsmith said: ‘We’re still here picketing. We’ve no news.

‘We are not getting any feedback from the national union. I’m disappointed.

‘We’ve paid into the union for 20 years. I thought this would be payback for us.

‘I thought this is when they will be earning their salaries by giving us guidance and support. We are normal people who need guidance. We need to know where we are going from here.

‘I want what is owed to me.

‘We have been promised Ford terms and conditions for life. That is the reason we are all here, because they were promised to us.

‘We are determined to win. I have visited the Jobcentre and there are not many options out there.’

Another Unite member, Mani Appadoo, said: ‘I feel frustrated. I was proud to work for Ford and then Visteon, I worked here for 31 years.

‘I’m ashamed of the way they treated us.

‘It’s a disgrace. After 31 years’ service I’m on the streets without a penny.

‘We want the union to get us what is rightfully ours.

‘I’d like to get my pension. I’d like to get what I worked for in this place – 31 years is a long time.’

Enfield Unite convenor Kevin Nolan told News Line: ‘We are in good spirits.’

Pickets outside the Basildon plant were very angry.

Unite member Jahanara Rasid told News Line: ‘We’re disgusted about the way we’ve been treated.

We’ve been let down by Ford as well as Visteon.

‘Ford have failed to meet their obligations.

‘This has affected everybody, financially and mentally. People are under a lot of stress.’

Nigel Pulham added: ‘I’m angry that the company is still trading across Europe and America.

‘It’s only this country that has taken the brunt.

‘They ran down all three plants in Basildon, Enfield and Belfast. This was planned.’