Support grows for Sweeney!

WRP parliamentary candidate FRANK SWEENEY with IBRAHIM in Tottenham

WRP parliamentary candidate Frank Sweeney’s campaign team were out meeting workers and youth at Bruce Grove in Tottenham yesterday.

They met Ibrahim who told News Line, ‘With capitalism it’s a thing you have to get rid of to get a new system of socialism. We are in a day and age where working class people are treated like slaves.

‘Young people are finding it hard to make their way. There are supposed to be opportunities for them but there’s not enough. Zero hours contracts are ruining the way of working. People can’t be working for small change.

‘It’s close to Xmas how will people get what they need? It shows resilience that someone like you is standing in the election here in Tottenham.

‘They are trying to gentrify Tottenham with this so-called regeneration. The new stadium is getting the money that should be going to the community.

‘Where I live there are new flats but they are for middle class and upper class people, which is not fair to the working class in Tottenham.’