Starmer & Tory PM Johnson arm-in-arm against Russia!

Mass rally in Crimea after the 93 per cent referendum vote to unite with Russia

‘IF PRESIDENT Putin were to choose the path of bloodshed and destruction he must realise it would be both tragic and futile,’ Tory PM Johnson said, beating the war drums against Russia yesterday in the House of Commons, a position Labour leader Keir Starmer backed to the hilt.

Johnson continued: ‘Nor should we allow him to believe that he could easily take some smaller portion of the Ukraine, to salami slice, because the resistance will be ferocious.’

He threatened: ‘If Russia pursues this path, many Russian mothers’ sons will not be coming home.

‘And the response in the international community would be the same, and the pain that would be inflicted on the Russian economy will be the same.

‘I believe that all of Russia’s fears could yet be allayed and we could find a path to mutual security through patient and principled diplomacy, provided that President Putin avoids the trap of starting a terrible war, and a war that I believe would earn and deserve the condemnation of history and I commend this statement to the House.’

Leader of the Labour Party Keir Starmer then rose to guarantee his full support to Johnson and his war threats against Russia.

Starmer said: ‘Labour stands resolute in our support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

‘That was made clear when our shadow foreign secretary and shadow defence secretary visited Ukraine a fortnight ago.

‘And I made it clear to the Ukrainian Ambassador when I met him last week.

‘… That is why it is crucial that we in this House are united in opposing Russian aggression.

‘So let me be clear, the Labour Party supports the steps that the government has taken to bolster Ukraine’s ability to defend itself.

‘We support its national efforts to deter Russia from further aggression and the vital diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the situation.’

He added for good measure: ‘We must now change course and show Russia that any further aggression will result in severe real world consequences. For Britain and our allies that will mean taking tough decisions.

‘That won’t be easy. Widespread and hard hitting sanctions must include cutting Russia’s access to the international financial system.

‘Europe’s over reliance on Russian energy suppliers is well documented and it simply must be addressed.’