STAND FIRM! Airport trades unionists urge Gate Gourmet workers


LOCKED out Gate Gourmet workers got great support yesterday as they campaigned at the TGWU office in Hillingdon to defeat the sell-out Compromise Agreement.

Mohammed Arshid TGWU vice-chairman of the Terminal Three Security Branch representing 500 airport workers said: ‘The way you have been treated is disgusting.

‘In this age in Britain if Gate Gourmet gets away with it, it will be an encouragement to other companies on the airport to do the same, attacking wages and conditions.

‘The union could have done a lot more for you. I will bring as many people as I can to your mass picket on Sunday.’

Amarjit Mehan, former TGWU branch chairman at Gate Gourmet QCW, said: ‘I am advising everybody not to sign the Compromise Agreement.

‘I have read all of the Compromise Agreement papers and they are absolutely disgraceful.

‘This management is acting just like a despot, we have been totally let down by the union officials.

‘They are trying to break peoples’ will. We pay their wages, all these district officers and regional officers but they are trying to help the management achieve their objectives.

‘These are people with a defeatist mentality misleading their members, everyone should stand firm and see the company in court.’

Locked out worker Mrs Mohinder Virk told News Line: ‘I can’t sign the Compromise Agreement, it’s my self respect, I won’t let the union leaders sell me, I’m not for sale.

‘The union belongs to the members, I know the pressures that we are all under but I’m proud of myself and we are going to win.’

Mrs Kuldip Jassal said: ‘I am one of those the company selected for “compulsory compensation” they chose me for no reason and I won’t accept, but we are all in the same position, all 800 of us. We have all been unfairly dismissed. I’m going to my employment tribunal and I am advising all my colleagues to do the same.’