‘SHOCK AND DISBELIEF’ – of de Menezes family at new police killing

ALEX PEREIRA, cousin of Jean Charles de Menezes
ALEX PEREIRA, cousin of Jean Charles de Menezes

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes yesterday expressed ‘shock and disbelief at the news that officers involved in the killing of Jean Charles have killed again’.

They were speaking after police officers killed a man allegedly involved in a criminal act in Kent on Tuesday.

A Metropolitan Police statement confirmed: ‘The Specialist Firearms team (CO19) involved in the Flying Squad operation in Kent did include officers from the same team who were involved in the Stockwell shooting in July last year.’

The Police statement added: ‘As is proper, the Independent Police Complaints Commisssion is conducting an independent investigation into the shooting.

‘Their enquiries are ongoing but they have confirmed that a firearm was recovered at the scene.

‘It is deeply regrettable when anyone dies as a result of police action.’

The de Menezes family added: ‘Family members were horrified to learn that the same officers have been given a license to kill again, even before the investigative process into Jean’s death is complete.’

Alex Pereira, cousin of Jean, said: ‘We are shocked that someone responsible for the death of an innocent man has been given a license to kill again.

‘The investigations into Jean’s killing haven’t finished but the same officers have been handed back their guns as if nothing has happened.

(Metropolitan Police Commissioner) ‘Sir Ian Blair might have hoped he could sweep Jean’s death under the carpet but when the same mistakes keep being made; he has to be held responsible.

‘It’s time the IPCC and the Crown Prosecution Service started doing their job properly.’

Last week the Menezes family were given leave to apply for a Judicial Review over the CPS’s decision not to prosecute individual officers. A hearing is expected in December.

The Menezes family hope to be successful in their challenge ‘so that they, and the British public, can finally see the evidence put in front of a jury and those responsible for Jean’s death held accountable.’

Harriet Wistrich, the Menezes family solicitor said: ‘We have never been satisfied with the decision of the CPS not to prosecute the officers involved in the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

‘From the little we have seen of the case we believe that there is more than sufficient evidence for a prosecution.’

Asad Rehman, spokesperson for the Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign added: ‘The fundamental lack of transparency in the decision not to bring charges against any of those responsible is an affront to justice.

‘It is totally premature for officers involved in suspicious deaths to be put back on front line duty before the investigation had been completed.

‘A shadow will hang over all those involved in Jean’s death until there is an open and public investigation into his death rather than secret reports and impunity for anyone wearing a uniform.’