Second Reprieve For Dale Farm


DALE Farm residents won another reprieve in the High Court yesterday, after a judge ruled that Basildon Council hadn’t been sufficiently clear in its enforcement notices.

Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart agreed with legal arguments put forward on behalf of the besieged Travellers and decided that the removal orders need to be looked at again.

Dale Farm resident Danny Gee told News Line: ‘It seems to be a good bit of news today, so far, but it’s still not over.

‘Hopefully we’ll see some more good news on Thursday. It seems that Basildon Council made a mess of things again.

‘It’s just a little bit of a reprieve but nothing is over. We’re all waiting for the judge’s decision.

‘The way it is sounding is that half of us will be staying in Dale Farm and half will be evicted.

‘But don’t you think that that is really stupid – to spend upwards of 18 million pounds to get rid of about 20 caravans, that’s about a million per caravan.

‘Can Basildon Council leader Tony Ball justify paying one million pounds to move one caravan?’

Another Dale Farm resident said yesterday: ‘We want to stay here. We have nowhere else to go.

‘This is our home. We’re very happy at the moment, for our children who are going to school.

‘They need education. They’ve been here 10 years.

‘We want to stay together and live together.’