Russia & China Use Veto Over Syria


RUSSIA and China yesterday vetoed a UK-US UN Security Council resolution threatening the Syrian government with sanctions and regime change.

The vote came a day after US and UK-organised ‘rebels’ bombed a meeting of top Syrian security officials, killing three senior military figures with close ties to President Bashar al-Assad.

The vote, after the increasing western-inspired bloodshed and assassinations in the Syrian capital, were a clear sign to Russia and China that they could not allow the Libya regime change plan to be implemented in Syria, less they be next.

The mandate of the UN observer mission has now expired.

• The Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah yesterday defended Syria against the imperialist powers.

In a speech marking the sixth anniversary of the Lebanese Resistance July victory against the Israeli occupation, Nasrallah warned that the Damascus bombing only benefited the imperialist and Zionist enemy.

Nasrallah said: ‘The Syrian Leadership for the past years has been risking its interest, existence and system so as to make the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine strong.

‘This Leadership has sent weapons, food, and money to Gaza when Arab regimes prevented food, bread and money from entering the besieged Gaza.

‘The missiles which threaten Israel today from Gaza and south Lebanon are Syrian.’

Nasrallah stressed that the Syrian Army is the sole Arab Army in the region as far as its doctrines, weapons, ammunition and tactics, and is not affiliated to the Americans.

He concluded: ‘So the US and the West worked after the July war to destroy the Syrian Army by all means.’

Also yesterday, Venezuela strongly condemned the terrorist attack which took place in Damascus.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said in a statement: ‘The Venezuelan government expresses deepest condolences to the Syrian people and particularly the families of the victims of this heinous crime.’

Chavez expressed hope that Syria, its leadership and people will be able to confront this violent campaign and the terrorist massacres facing it.