‘Rebels’ Under The Control Of Foreign Intelligence Agencies


AMMAN – The Jordanian newspaper Al-Arab al-Yawm website on August 1st wrote the following about the Syrian ‘rebellion’.

‘As the “decisive” battle for Aleppo rages now, we ask: where is the “Syrian revolution?” The revolution is the people, first and foremost. But the people of Aleppo are fleeing, once from the field “Islamic courts” set up by the gunmen of the Muslim Brotherhood, salafis, and Al-Qaeda, and once from the fighting between the Syrian Arab Army and the army of the international “mujahidin”; it is war, not a civil war.

‘The civilians, both loyalists and opposition, are fleeing with their lives, looking forward to their national army, and hoping that it will triumph in the face of the invaders, so that they can return to their homes, jobs, schools, and daily life…

‘The battle now is not between regime and opposition, but between a united and independent Syria and its civilized way of life on the one hand, and a barbaric invasion, mostly foreign in terms of men, hardware, money, weapons, communications, and control, on the other.

‘Of course, there are Syrian “mujahidin”, but the makeup of the front of “mujahidin” is no longer Syrian, but salafi jihadist, made up of Saudis and others from the Gulf, Libyans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Jordanians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Chechens, and other nationalities. All of them have assembled and entered the Syrian territory under the supervision and control of the Turkish, US, UK, French, and Gulf intelligence services. These services are running the battles from a central operations room in Adana.

‘The mujahidin in Syria today are an international team. The sources of their funding and weapons are Riyadh and Doha. The intelligence and technologies are American, while the military and logistical support comes from the Turkish and British armies.

‘Command, control, and communications are under an administration that brings together international and regional intelligence services. The decision is international, and the plan is international. Moreover, there is no longer an armed internal rebellion. Rather, it has turned into an explicit invasion, launched by the NATO, not using its soldiers, but the soldiers of the salafi jihadist movement.

‘Even the “Muslim Brotherhood”, which constitutes the main armed political force, has turned into a pawn in an international plan.

‘Therefore, we are in front of an invasion, and in front of invaders. This is a fact of which the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people are now aware. They have come to this realisation through suffering, and with their naked eyes. This suffering has moved within the collective consciousness of the Syrians two deep-seated instincts: nationalism and modernism.

‘Suddenly, the Western, Turkish, and Gulf project in Syria lost its political cover, which was woven from the liberal slogans of the Arab spring. The emotions of Syrian nationalism have moved to provide the national army with a social-national haven, which will enable it to decide the battle with the invaders.

‘By virtue of the appalling experiment suffered by the civilized neighbourhoods at the hands of the jihadists, the emotions of civilization moved to besiege the jihadists as strangers – strangers physically and strangers culturally from the realm of the Syrian society.

‘Who, among the opposition Syrian citizens, can believe that it is really a revolution that is being used by the Turkish army as a vanguard force for a new Ottoman invasion? Who can believe that it is a democratic opposition that is carrying out summary executions of peaceful citizens who differ in opinion with it? Who can believe that it is an Islamic movement that is being led by the CIA? Who can believe that it is a nationalist movement that is being supplied with weapons by Qatari Prime Minister Hamad Bin-Jasim?’