NSL car park workers–2-day strike

NSL strikers rallying at Vauxhall Bridge Road yesterday morning – they are out again today

THE NSL parking services workers of the GMB trade union started a two-day strike yesterday for the London Living Wage.

News Line joined them on the picket line in Vauxhall Bridge Road in Pimlico.

With their powerful sound system blasting out music dozens of strikers were furious about their low pay and terms and conditions.

Paul Grafton full-time official for the GMB told News Line: ‘NSL contractors do all the parking services for Westminster Council. We are demanding they pay the London Living Wage of £10.55 per hour because our members in London cannot live on £9 per hour.

‘We are on strike tomorrow and we have a further strike of two days next week 7th-8th March.’

Striker Mohammed Awad said: ‘Because I drive I get £9.85 per hour. I have to work 260 hours a month – 66 hours a week just to live, to pay the rent, food, utility bills – the basics.’

Alex Goncalves also on the picket line told News Line: ‘We are striking for higher wages and better conditions. When you have a genuine illness you are not paid.’

Fellow striker Irfan Khan said: ‘If we are injured at work we don’t get paid. We lose three days pay if we are sick. They use the Bradford Factor for being sick.

‘Some of us have long term illnesses which are not taken into account.

‘Under the Bradford Factor if you get 128 points, which isn’t difficult, you face a disciplinary.’