‘MASSIVE VOTE FOR STRIKE ACTION!’ – CWU leaders urge membership

CWU members taking part on a national march in London – their management are seeking to impose unacceptable conditions

THE COMMUNICATION Workers Union is calling for a massive vote for strike action against Royal Mail management’s attempts ‘to virtually de-recognise the CWU and impose what they want without any safeguards for members’.

An Urgent Update to All London members dated February 2020 says that ballot papers will be dispatched on 3rd March and the result will be announced on 17th March.

It says that management is imposing ‘totally unacceptable’ changes, including the closure of Camden MPU (Mail Processing Unit) within the next few weeks.

It says: ‘Royal Mail over the last three weeks have made a calculated decision to move ahead with their Business Strategy without agreement.

‘Approximately 30 offices across the Country have been given notice that revisions including MPU closures and Post Box Strategy Revisions will be introduced within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

‘Royal Mail’s decision to introduce these unagreed plans, means there are a significant number of OPGs (Operational Post Grade) who don’t know if they have a job and if they do in which location within 4 to 6 weeks.

‘In London, Camden NW1 MPU has been given notice it will be closing in 4 weeks and the work transferred to Greenford Mail Centre. The staff at Camden MPU do not know where they will be working in 4 weeks’ time and if they have a job, what they will be performing?

‘This is totally unacceptable. Royal Mail should be ashamed of themselves.

‘In fact, Royal Mail has adopted a new charm offensive spinning and trying to justify their decision to introduce unagreed change on revisions.

‘However, the cold and stark reality is that their decision to push ahead with unagreed changes leaves post workers in those sites with an uncertain future.

‘We understand that Royal Mail will be announcing more executive action over the next few weeks.

‘Royal Mail are currently targeting MPU closures, Post Box Strategy, VRs linked to a Mail Centre realignment, moving delivery starts back and removal of improved attendances in delivery.

‘Additionally, Royal Mail has decided to introduce Automated Hours Data Capture (AHDC) into a number of offices including the Princess Royal Distribution Centre in Park Royal by imposition.

‘Royal Mail say on their communications that it is simply designed to replace having to sign in and out with a pen and paper.

‘Nothing could be further than the truth. Royal Mail want to introduce automated signing in and out and link it to the hours you actually get paid and your attendance times.

‘In fact, in Greenford Mail Centre a manager attempted to use the data from the automated hours data capture to change part timers starts time by 30 minutes and removal of scheduled attendance.

‘Royal Mail are trying to con its workforce by deliberately not telling employees that the only way that the cost of introducing the equipment for automated signing in and out is by linking it to what is paid in overtime, shift allowance and eventually to use it to resource introduce revisions and annualised hours.’

This is all ‘part of Royal Mail’s wider strategy called Enterprise … to produce a new duty list for a delivery office per week or for a period and reduce overtime, rest day working, part timers hours above contracts, change start times and remove improved attendances.

‘This policy is ultimately designed to reduce the union’s ability to consult and negotiate on duties and resourcing as the computer and systems are designed to introduce the change.

‘It is against this backdrop that the CWU has been left with no other alternative than to ballot the membership for strike action.

‘The ballot timetable is that ballot papers will be dispatched on 3rd March and the result will be announced on 17th March.’