Manchester indefinite bus strike!

Go North West bus strikers on the picket line in Manchester

MANCHESTER Go North West strikers were out yesterday mass picketing the depot as part of their indefinite strike.

Go North West Unite branch secretary Pat Gleave told News Line: ‘Morale is still very good. The company is under a lot of pressure.’
‘The management have put out a lot of buses which are not suitable.
‘In fact, the management cannot run anywhere near a proper service so it is all going pretty well at the moment.
‘However, the talks are not going so well but we are hopeful.
‘We have also had plenty of support. We have contacted colleagues and they have contacted us from all over the country and we are still getting plenty of support from the NHS trade unions.
‘So it is not just transport. They are all writing us letters of support and they all realise that if “fire and rehire” gets in, it will be everywhere. For example, we have had a lot of support from branches of Argos, where they are also facing “fire and rehire”.
‘We have also had people backing us from the Disabled Federation, members of the public who will also be hit, because what the bus companies are doing is not following the Disability Association rules on wheelchairs.
‘This is an all-out strike until we get it sorted.’

RATP drivers out today!

UNITE union members employed by bus privateer RATP are on strike again at eight London garages today, their sixth day of strike action against £2,500 per annum pay cuts.
In an email to members on Monday, Unite wrote:
‘Dear Members,
‘Your Union Representatives met with the RATP Management today to continue with pay negotiations.
‘Below is what we put to them on Friday and for them to respond to us today:
1. New Starter contracts must be discussed and brought in line with current contracts, i.e. meal reliefs 40 min and 7.36/7.20 daily min pay;
2. Discussions around TOD (Time Of Duty) to be had outside of pay talks;
3. Above RPI pay increase;
4. Award in the form of a lump sum to recognise the work done through this pandemic.
‘The company responded with another New Proposal and this is it below:
1. All current terms and condition to stay as they are;
2. £500 bonus to all eligible employees;
3. 0.5% pay rise for 2019 back dated;
4. 0.5% pay rise for 2020 back dated;
5. No change to starter contracts brought in from 2019;
6. Marc Sellis to hold meaningful consultations around “New Starter contracts”.
‘And this would be on condition Unite withdrew the Industrial Action and also take it back to their members to be balloted as a recommended offer.
‘This is not acceptable for us to bring back for our members to ballot on, as it does not come close to addressing the issues we have raised around “New Starter contracts” and a decent a “pay increase” in line with RPI.
‘We asked for the New Starter contracts to be scrapped along with all the driver transfers that have taken place and that have been asked to sign to stay at RATP. We see this as a significant threat for the future to all members.
‘If “New Contracts” are not removed entirely, existing drivers could be asked to sign these “New Contracts” if routes move and they wish to stay at their existing garage. These contracts have never been agreed with Unite but simply imposed.
‘0.5% is not a pay rise and falls well short of our members’ aspirations, and until they address these issues we will continue with the Industrial Action.’