Lobby The Tgwu Biennial Conference


ALMOST two years after over 700 Gate Gourmet, Heathrow workers were sacked and locked out by the Texas Pacific equity capitalist group, the Gate Gourmet Sacked Workers are organising a lobby of the Biennial Conference of the TGWU from 8am on Monday July 2, outside the Brighton Conference Centre.

The sacked workers are demanding that the Biennial Conference make their dispute official, and pay them their hardship pay which was stopped by the TGWU leader Tony Woodley on January 2006.

They are urging the Biennial, Conference to call a national demonstration against the equity capitalists that are asset stripping companies and sacking thousands of workers.

They are calling on the conference to instruct the executive to publish all of the documents concerning the payment of £600,000 hush money to two TGWU shop stewards who were in the leadership of the baggage handlers who stopped work in support of the sacked Gate Gourmet workers on August

The money was paid to keep secret exactly how the struggle of the Gate Gourmet workers was sold out.

The sacked workers are demanding that the TGWU leaders responsible for betraying their struggle, Tony Woodley and Brendan Gold be sacked by the union, and that a campaign be launched to restore them to their jobs on their old terms and conditions.

The Gate Gourmet Sacked Workers are holding a meeting at 12-30 pm on Monday July 2, at the Quality Hotel, West Street, Brighton to which Biennial Conference delegates and visitors are invited.