Israeli forces assassinate three Nablus Palestinians

Israeli soldiers standing next to the car riddled with bullet holes after assassinating three Palestinians who were inside it in the city of Nablus

ISRAELI special forces killed three Palestinians and arrested another in the city of Nablus in the northern part of the occupied West Bank yesterday. The incident took place in the city’s al-Makhfeya neighbourhood.

The Israeli soldiers opened fire on a Palestinian car killing three of its passengers in what was described as an extrajudicial killing.

The West Bank-based Palestinian Authority’s health ministry called the Israeli operation ‘an assassination’.

And the PA’s foreign ministry described it as a ‘field execution’.

They have both demanded an international investigation into the attack.

The Palestinian cabinet, while meeting in Ramallah, issued a statement calling for an international investigation into what it described as ‘this heinous crime’ and called on the United Nations and human rights organisations to condemn it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates also condemned the assassination in a separate statement, and is holding the Israeli government and its prime minister, Neftali Bennett, ‘fully and directly responsible for this crime.’

It said the silence of the international community over Israeli violations and crimes provides a cover to these criminal acts and encourages the Israeli occupier to continue in its open warfare against the Palestinians.

The ministry called on the United Nations Secretary-General to shoulder his responsibilities and activate the international protection mechanism for the Palestinian people as per the UN General Assembly resolution. It also called on the United States administration to pressure the Israeli government to end its crimes.

And it called on the International Criminal Court to speed up its investigation of Israel and its crimes in the occupied Palestinian