Israeli army turns Nasser Hospital into a military base!

All Gaza hospitals are overun with victims of Israeli bombings and constantly under attack

ISRAELI occupation forces yesterday raided the Nasser Medical Complex in Gaza and turned it into a military base.

Medical sources reported that Israeli forces further demolished the southern wall of the complex before breaking into it amid indiscriminate shooting of heavy gunfire.
The following were the messages from a nurse in Nasser hospital before communication there was cut:
Quote message: ‘The occupation soldiers arrived at the second floor of the emergency building in the Nasser Medical Complex and called on all those on the upper floors, including doctors and nurses, to come down to the lower floors.’
Quote message: ‘The occupation soldiers released a large number of dogs that spread throughout the departments, buildings and courtyards of the Nasser Medical Complex.’
Quote message: ‘The complex was completely stormed.’
The occupation army intensively targeted the headquarters of the Red Crescent Ambulance Centre housing a large number of wounded individuals and tents sheltering displaced people.
Meanwhile, Israeli tanks and army vehicles razed the mass graves inside the complex, which has been under a strict military siege for about 25 days.
Israeli occupation army further forced the remaining displaced persons and families of medical personnel to forcibly evacuate the Nasser Medical Complex at dawn yesterday under indiscriminate Israeli bombardments.
Furthermore, the occupation also ordered the administration of the Nasser Medical Complex to transfer all patients, including intensive care and nursery patients, to the old Nasser building, including six patients who are undergoing artificial respiration.
The occupation destroyed the oxygen support and feeding tubes, resulting in a decrease in oxygen pressure inside the Complex, particularly in the intensive care department, putting the lives of hundreds of patients at an imminent risk of death, due to the ongoing Israeli shelling of the Complex.
Ministry of Health warned of an imminent humanitarian catastrophe as a result of Israeli evacuation orders to the Nasser Medical Complex sheltering hundreds of wounded individuals, including those in critical condition and requiring artificial respiration in the city of Khan Younis.
Doctors Without Borders also has expressed its deep concern over the horrific situation inside the Complex.
The occupation army has been carrying out a series of intense airstrikes and artillery shelling on Khan Younis, and in the vicinity of the hospital, jeopardising the safety of patients and medical personnel inside.

Israeli armed forces are using white phosphorus

THE Wall Street Journal said yesterday that the US State Department is investigating the use of white phosphorus by the Israeli occupation forces in its raids on the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.
The newspaper explained that the investigation aims to determine whether the weapons provided by the US to Israel were improperly used to kill civilians.
It added that the US authorities are investigating the air attack on the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on October 31, which led to the killing of more than 125 Palestinians.
The US newspaper pointed out that investigators suspect that Israel may have used a bomb weighing about 907 kilogrammes in that raid.
Amnesty International said that its Crisis Evidence Laboratory verified that the Israeli military units striking Gaza were equipped with white phosphorus artillery shells.
White phosphorus is a substance that burns at very high temperatures when exposed to air, can continue to burn inside flesh, causes horrific pain and serious injury and cannot be extinguished by water.
Phosphorus bombs are internationally prohibited under the Geneva Convention of 1980, which prohibits the use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon against humans and the environment.
Since last October 7, the Israeli occupation forces have launched an aggression against the Gaza Strip, resulting in the killing of 28,576 Palestinians and wounding more than 68,291 others, while thousands of missing people remain still under the rubble.

Israel is renewing administrative detention orders for Palestinians

THE Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) yesterday said that the Israeli authorities have renewed administrative detention orders for hundreds of Palestinians arrested after October 7, and issued new orders against them ranging from two to four months.
The PPS issued that the increase in the number of administrative detainees continues in an unprecedented manner, in light of the continuation of the daily arrest campaigns carried out in the West Bank after October 7, noting that the occupation authorities worked to cancel all decisions not to renew administrative detentions, which were issued before October 7th against administrative detainees, and arrest orders were renewed against them.
The PPS pointed out that the crime of administrative detention constitutes the most prominent policy of oppression and control against the Palestinians, as the number of administrative detention orders issued after October 7 reached more than 3490, including new orders and renewal orders.
It added that the number of administrative detainees until the end of January 2,024 was reported to be 3,484, including women and children, while the largest percentage of them are former detainees who spent years in Israeli occupation prisons, including several members of one family, in addition to representatives and journalists.
The PPS pointed out that many of those who had appeals against the decision to confirm administrative detention orders were rejected and the the Israeli authorities kept their detention.
Those whose appeals were accepted, and there were a few, had the administrative detention period issued against them reduced for a specific period without a substantive decision.
Later, the occupation renewed the administrative detention orders against them, PPS elaborated.
It is noteworthy that the number of administrative detainees today in Israeli prisons was not recorded even during the years of the 1987 Intifada.