International news from outside of the United Kingdom

Gaza Hospital Superbug Epidemic

AN EPIDEMIC of an antibiotic-resistant superbug is spreading throughout the hospital system in Palestine’s Gaza City, with doctors warning of a ‘global health security...
Palestinian youth battle with Israeli troops and settlers on the West Bank

Ashrawi Denounces New Israeli Settlements Move

HANAN ASHRAWI, a Member of the PLO Executive Committee, has strongly condemned the so-called Israeli Civil Administration’s decision to grant the approval for the...
Palestinians being gassed and under live fire from Israeli troops at the Gaza border with Israel

PROSECUTE ISRAEL! – Erekat urges International Criminal Court

THE Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has slammed Israel’s new land grab plans, urging the International Criminal Court (ICC) to speed up its investigation into...
Tunisian demonstration against mass poverty

‘TODAY I START A REVOLUTION!’ ‘for those who have no means of subsistence’

CLASHES have erupted between protesters and security forces in Kasserine city in Tunisia following the funeral of a journalist who had set himself on...
Youth on the Gaza border with Israel determined to liberate the whole of Palestine

‘We Will Liberate Palestine!’

THE HAMAS resistance movement says it will not agree to the creation of a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, warning that US President...
Palestinian youth confront Israeli troops in the West Bank

Multiple Israeli raids on the West Bank – as UN announces food cuts

ISRAELI forces on Wednesday conducted multiple overnight raids across the West Bank and detained at least 28 Palestinians, said the Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS)....