Hundreds more Gazans killed in hospitals and homes!

After killing her parents and brothers and her entire family and forcing her to undergo an amputation of her leg, Israel killed 13-year-old Dunia Abu Muhsen yesterday after targeting the hospital she was sheltering in

THE Israeli occupation army carried out hundreds of aerial and artillery attacks on different areas of Gaza yesterday, massacring men, women and children in hospitals and homes.

Many were killed or seriously injured when they bombed the surgery centre of the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, which the World Health Organisation has described as a ‘bloodbath’.

Israeli attacks on Jabalia refugee camp claimed the lives of 110 civilians and injured over 20 others, while at least 100 are still buried under the rubble.

An air strike on the maternity ward of the Nasser Hospital in the southern city of Khan Younis killed 13 year old Donia Abu Mohsen, who last month had been interviewed in her hospital bed by al-Jazeera and told the world of her ambition to become a doctor.

Dr Mohamed Zakout said: ‘The shell penetrated the ceiling and directly hit her. Parts of her head and blood are splattered on the wall as you can see. It is a brutal crime.’

Donia had both legs amputated and was receiving treatment in the hospital after she was injured when her home was bombed last month, killing her family.

Her father, mother, and two of her brothers were killed in the first attack. A video shared online shows the immediate aftermath of the Israeli shelling with women and children screaming.

‘Finally, she lost her life. The enemy killed Donia and killed all her hopes. The enemy didn’t send us any warning or evacuation order. The enemy didn’t say anything before shelling our department,’ Dr Zakout said.

Director-General of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Munir Al-Bursh, said: ‘We found the bodies of martyrs and injured people that the IOF (Israel Occupation Force) bulldozer had swept away among the mounds of soil in Kamal Adwan Hospital’s courtyard.’

Al-Bursh called for an international investigation into this deliberate crime committed by the IOF on the hospital. He added: ‘We were subjected to gunfire from the IOF snipers during our press conference at Kamal Adwan Hospital.’

He pointed out that the ‘Jabalia Medical Centre received more than 60 martyrs and about 90 injured today.’

The lack of water or sanitation could soon become as ‘dangerous’ as the ongoing Israeli bombardment, a member of Doctors without Borders, known by its French initials MSF, said.

‘The water system isn’t working anymore – it has completely collapsed,’ said Ricardo Martinez.

‘People are being pushed to the limit, having to fight for their survival. At most, people have one litre of water per day – that’s for drinking, washing and cooking.’

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