Hounslow march on March 25th


‘OUR march through Hounslow on Saturday 25th of March is very important, not just for us but for all trade union members.’

Locked-out Gate Gourmet worker Parmjeet Sidhu was speaking at the Beacon Roundabout, near Heathrow Airport’s Terminal Four, where the TGWU members have picketed every day since August 10th last year.

She continued: ‘What the TGWU leadership has done signing an agreement with the company accepting compulsory redundancies must be defeated.

‘I went to the local union office for an interview with the union solicitor yesterday.

‘She asked me why I had not signed the Compromise Agreement. I answered that I did not accept being chosen in the 144 compulsory redundancies. I’m going to my employment tribunal and I want my job back and backdated money for the time we’ve spent outside.

‘She said: “It would depend on what the tribunal judge decides. If you don’t win your case you would lose the money and everything and if you win they will just give you three months’ money and no more, so it would be better if you take the compensation money”.

‘I said no. I want to fight for my rights. I don’t accept compulsory redundancy money.

‘She said she would try her best for us in the tribunal but claimed that they would just give us £2,000 if we win, with no service money. She also said if the court decides you were on unofficial strike you will lose your money.

‘I refused her and I don’t accept it. We were all unfairly dismissed. I’m not worried. I don’t accept. She told me to bring in all the letters and papers Gate Gourmet has sent me.’

Satti Uppal spoke enthusiastically about last Sunday’s monthly mass picket. She said: ‘It was great, so many people came. Now we must get a big turnout for our march, we want everyone to hear our voice. We are very upset at what the union leaders have done to us.’