Gourmet locked-out workers determined to win


LOCKED out Gate Gourmet workers expressed shock and anger at the treatment of two hundred Xavier Gourmet workers who found the gate to their plant near Heathrow Airport locked when they arrived at work on Monday.

Speaking on the picket line at Heathrow yesterday Lakhvinder told News Line: ‘The Xavier Gourmet workers should all join the union and make it fight for them.

‘They should come here and sit with us on the picket line. They are owed money by the company just like we are. The company say they have financial problems just like Gate Gourmet said to us.

‘They are all the same and the BA boss is saying the same thing as well. He says he’s going to cut the jobs and cut the costs. We need to sort this out once and for all. Everyone should take action together otherwise no one is safe.’

Fellow picket Chanan Rattu said: ‘We’ve spoken to some of the Xavier Gourmet workers and they are going to join us on the hill on Wednesday. None of them knew it was coming and some of the ladies were crying.

‘It was a terrible shock for them. We will support them and make the union fight for them.’

Jaswinder said: ‘Gate Gourmet started these things and now it is spreading to other companies. I’m very sorry for these people. Other small companies will do the same and BA is planning to do it as well.’

He added: ‘If I am on the list for compulsory redundancy I’m not going to sign, I was unfairly dismissed and I’m not prepared to compromise.’

Mrs Johal, said: ‘Three of my friends work for Xavier Gourmet they told me that when they went on Monday morning it was all locked up. They were told they would get a letter saying they should claim from the government. They are very upset and angry.’