GENOCIDE! – Six US-made bombs fired on Jabaliya Refugee Camp


HUNDREDS of people were killed yesterday afternoon when their homes in the Jabaliya Refugee Camp, which is next to the Indonesian Hospital in north Gaza, was hit by six US-made bombs.

Most of the victims in this massacre committed by Zionist occupation forces against refugee families, were children.
Gaza’s civil defence units immediately rushed into action, frantically scrabbling in the rubble to reach survivors buried under the collapsed buildings.
The devastation was immense, with a huge volume of destruction spread over hundreds of metres.
Homes were totally destroyed and hundreds of injured children and adults were carried by foot straight into the nearby Indonesian Hospital which was threatened with being overwhelmed.
As Gaza’s Health Minister Dr Al Qudra said earlier yesterday, the Indonesian Hospital is likely to run out of fuel today and will be unable to function.
Speaking at the devastated camp, Gaza Interior Minister Iad al-Bazam reported: ‘Jabaliya consists of houses and buildings next to each other and they are old and they include hundreds of citizens.
‘The occupation war planes have destroyed this district completely with six US-made bombs thrown on these people and every single one in this district has lost their lives or been wounded.
‘The first figures are 200 martyrs and wounded – such a new brutal massacre committed by the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli occupation is continuing these massacres and expanding the ground aggression on Gaza during the past 24 hours.
‘The occupation entered through a different front, the north-west front of Gaza. They entered this region and they have destroyed all the residential areas in this place.
‘This has resulted in massacres, thousands have been displaced and the occupation forces have levelled all the buildings as the tanks went over these areas and they reached their required area, the Jabaliya area, north west Gaza Strip.
‘The occupation force in this particular part, is committing massacres, is shelling houses of the people, and the occupation in another front enters the south of Gaza and arrived at Salah al-Din Street, and they have divided Gaza into two parts and this is increasing the humanitarian catastrophe our people suffer…
‘We urge the free people, all over the world, from the four corners of the world, to move quickly, in order to stop the genocide crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, the innocent, the civilians, the children, the women.
‘The cameras of the media outlets are documenting the crimes and the massacres of the occupation. The biggest number of the victims are from children and women and the civilians and the innocent people that are being killed every minute by the occupation forces through bombing raids and are committing massacres.
‘We urge everyone to stop this aggression and before everything to stop immediately the killing of civilians.
‘We appeal, we urge, the entire world, everyone has to be up to his historical responsibility, to move quickly, before it’s too late.
‘Gaza today is fighting the worst occupation known throughout history. Gaza is resilient and is facing this occupation by the Nazis and criminals. Victory will be with our people. Shame on the occupation that kills women and children.’

I stand with Sunak – boasts Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer yesterday defied calls from Labour MPs, councillors, members and affiliated unions for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, claiming that it is ‘not the correct position’.
Labour Mayors Sadiq Khan and Andy Burnham, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, 15 frontbenchers and at least 250 councillors, including 30 who have resigned from the party, are all demanding a ceasefire.
Starmer told a meeting in London: ‘We are all talking to the Americans, the Middle East leaders and to Israel as you would expect. At this stage, when bearing in mind over 200 people are being held hostage, I don’t think me trying to find points of difference with the government is what the families of those hostages most want to hear.
‘We’ve met some of them just two weeks ago with harrowing stories of what happened and their fear is understandable. They urged all of us that the United Kingdom stand as united and strong as it can in support of their right to have their loved ones back and I heed what they say.’
As Starmer left Chatham House, where he was giving the speech, his car was mobbed by a group of pro-Palestine demonstrators and police had to clear a path for the car as they shouted and drummed on the windows.
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