Gate Gourmet Workers Rally

The Gate Gourmet locked-out workers campaign team in Southall High Street yesterday
The Gate Gourmet locked-out workers campaign team in Southall High Street yesterday

Gate Gourmet locked out workers are campaigning every day up until their first anniversary march and rally in Southall this Sunday, 20th August.

Yesterday, ex-British Airways worker AS Wangday told News Line: ‘I will come on Sunday.

‘I was a chef with BA before Gate Gourmet took over four years ago.

‘Gate Gourmet did a very wrong thing when they sacked these workers who had worked very hard for the company and this was their “thank you”.

‘The union did wrong as well. They should fight for these members and show decency.

‘The union did the same thing when I was with BA. They helped BA to get rid of thousands of workers.

‘We need leaders in the union who will fight for the members and not the bosses.’

Mrs Tiwana, a teacher, said: ‘Some people have gone back into work for the company on terrible new conditions, longer hours and lower pay.

‘This was agreed by the union.

‘It’s very important that these workers get the backing of the whole community and all trade union members.’

Former Hillingdon Hospital strikers Kamla Persad and Mrs Johal stopped and gave support to the Gate Gourmet workers.

Both said they would attend Sunday’s rally.

Mrs Johal said: ‘We were on strike for five years before we won. So we know how hard it is.’

Kamla added: ‘We won our fight and we know the Gate Gourmet workers will win theirs.’

Jos Zwajsen, an RMT health and safety rep bought his ticket for the rally.

He said: ‘I work for Great Western and our suppliers of sandwiches, tea and coffee etc, that go on the train, are Rail Gourmet – the same firm.

‘I support the Gate Gourmet workers. It’s not right what the union has done. You rely on the union to fight for your rights, not stab you in the back.’

‘I will come to the rally and tell my friends at work. You might get quite a few of us coming.’

Younis, who was up from Wales for the day, said he would come back this Sunday for the Rally.

He told News Line: ‘the guy who runs the company is an American capitalist.

‘What was done, was done with the support of Tony Blair.

‘These workers have a strong case. (TGWU general secretary) Tony Woodley is a hypocrite who is helping the bosses and Blair.

‘We need leaders in the trade unions who will fight and not help the bosses.’