‘Failure to inform’ charges challenged


Lawyers for Umar Hussain and his brother Mehran Hussain, yesterday said ‘we will be making a challenge’ to charges made against the brothers under the Terrorism Act.

Umar Hussain, 24, from east London, was remanded in custody until 1 September, after becoming the twelfth person to be charged in connection with the alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners.

Lawyers Tim Rustem for Umar Hussain and Zahir Ahmed for Mehran Umar Hussain said a formal complaint had been entered yesterday.

Rustem was speaking after asking the CPS to reconsider its decision over Umar Hussain.

Both brothers have been charged under the Terrorism Act with failing to disclose information which could help prevent an act of terrorism.

Lawyers pointed out that the two are being accused of failing to disclose information about their younger brother Nabeel Hussain, who is among the eight still being held without charge.

The lawyers contend that as the person their clients allegedly did not inform on has not been charged with any crime, charging his two older brothers is illegal.