EXPROPRIATE P&O – Shapps fails to stand up to the bandits

Sacked P&O workers and their supporters demonstrate outside Parliament last week

MICK LYNCH, RMT General Secretary said yesterday ‘Despite all the bluster, Grant Shapps has failed to grasp the opportunity to adequately stand up to the banditry behaviour of P&O.

‘The Prime Minister repeatedly said to parliament that the Government would be taking legal action to save British seafarers’ jobs but he has failed to keep his word.

‘This continued lack of action and courage has meant a ferry company owned by the Dubai royal family has been able to break our laws and disrupt our ports and ruin people’s lives with impunity and we will keep pressing the government to ensure justice for our members.

‘What has been announced today is far too little, far too late and we are calling for urgent action for speedier more radical reforms to save the UK seafarer from oblivion.’

Lynch added: ‘It is almost two weeks since our members were sacked by P&O’s military-style attack.

‘Our members have had their employment rights bought out and been blackmailed into signing gagging agreements so they can have some financial security.

‘The government need to take action in the courts, take control of these ships and guarantee the reinstatement of our members.’

• Maritime union RMT said yesterday that it is organising demonstrations on Thursday 31st March Port of Liverpool L21 1LA at 07.30am and Friday 8th April at Cairnryan Port at 12 noon.