EU tightens the screw! – Johnson dumps ‘do or die’

Optimistic Leave campaigners at Parliament are determined not to be betrayed by MPs or the EU

EU ambassadors yesterday agreed to delay Brexit, but will not make a decision on a new deadline date until next Monday, just three days before the UK leaving date on October 31.

The EU is to give the UK an offer that its ruling parties will not be able to refuse, possibly a week’s extension, in place of the three months that was requested by the Benn Act – or the UK is out of the EU.

EU spokesperson Mina Andreeva said yesterday that work on a new deadline date would ‘continue in the coming days’.

The talks came after Chancellor Sajid Javid admitted the government’s deadline to deliver Brexit by next Thursday October 31 ‘can’t be met’.

PM Johnson’s ‘do or die’ pledge – that the UK would be leaving by that date has been dumped.

Johnson’s bluff has been called by the EU and his empty threat exposed as false bravado.

MPs are expected next Monday October 28 to consider in the House of Commons the Prime Minister’s repeated call for an early general election, this time on December 12th.

Johnson will assure Labour MPs that extra days will be set aside for a full discussion on the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is still demanding a three-month Brexit extension as a condition for the Labour Party’s agreement to a general election in January.

However, many Labour MPs have said that they will vote against an early general election and are threatening instead to remove Corbyn as Labour Party leader.

In the EU, President Macron is said to be determined to force the UK to either agree the Johnson-negotiated deal, or face being drummed out of the EU, after at most a week-long Brexit extension to resolve the issue.

He is determined to show the UK that the EU is in charge and that the UK will have to dance to the EU’s tune.

This stance has forced both PM Johnson and Chancellor Javid to admit that they will not be leading the UK out of the EU on October 31!

France fears that a 12-week extension would encourage more UK indecisiveness, or a general election which may produce a parliament whose government still does not have a voting majority.

It is determined that this must be brought to a head and resolved by the deal being accepted in the next week.

Faced with this humiliation by the EU, UK workers will be very angry.

Workers are already demanding a clear break with the EU on October 31.

Many are urging their trade unions to call strike action to force the UK out of the EU by that date to avoid an abject surrender and humiliation at the hands of the EU dictatorship.

They want to leave the EU and go forward to socialism in the UK with the nationalisation of the banks and the major industries, and private ownership replaced by workers’ management.