Don’t stop our hardship payments demand locked-out GG workers

Over 20 locked-out Gate Gourmet workers were on the picket line yesterday despite the very cold weather
Over 20 locked-out Gate Gourmet workers were on the picket line yesterday despite the very cold weather

Locked out Gate Gourmet workers were on the picket line in the open air at Heathrow Airport yesterday.

They were angry that the leaders of the TGWU have withdrawn their shelter, have said that they will stop paying their hardship fund and that the dispute will end on the 16th December.

Mrs Asha Vasma told News Line: ‘I won’t let the company get away with what they did to us.

‘I’m going to my employment tribunal. The union must fight for us and not stop our hardship payments.

‘The company planned everything that happened on 10th August.

‘I’m one of those selected by the company for compulsory redundancy.

‘Under their so-called selection criteria, I received 35 points.

‘The deal signed by the union leaders agrees that people with under 36 points can be made compulsorily redundant.

‘They accepted it but we never accepted it and I’m not going to accept it.

‘What the company did to us is wrong and the union leaders shouldn’t now be trying to help the company get away with it.

‘We want our shelter back on the picket line and we want our hardship payments guaranteed, we need them.’

Other locked out workers spoke about their lobby of the TGWU general council on Tuesday.

Mr Gona Dhaliwel said: ‘We made it very clear to the delegates that we are not accepting the Compromise Agreement.

‘We are taking our case to the employment court and we want the union to fight for us.’

Dalwant said: ‘There is no difference between voluntary and compulsory redundancy, when the same conditions are attached.

‘Everyone made redundant would have to sign the Compromise Agreement which stops you working for any Gate Gourmet-associated company in the future.

‘It also gives up all rights for an employment tribunal and payment for the money we have lost since we were locked out.

‘The delegates were shocked to see us.

‘We need shelter on our picket line and hardship payments.’

Mrs V Patel added: ‘We told delegates that we were made redundant for no reason and the union leaders are taking the company side when they should be supporting their members.’

Mrs Umla Sharma said: ‘We told them that last week we were sick, it was so cold on the picket with no shelter.’