Chase Farm NHS Must Not Close


Drivers honked their horns enthusiastically saluting the picket line outside Chase Farm hospital on day ten of the daily picket fighting to keep the hospital open.

Ann Myers, who brought her daughter in for treatment, said: ‘We need this hospital. The closure will affect lots of people because Barnet is too small.

‘The maternity and children’s ward are both full at both hospitals.

‘Where will they put all these children. Barnet has only two small wards and a few cubicles. There is not enough space.

‘There is a big risk to smaller children with breathing problems.

‘Chase Farm has a unit to teach parents what to do to prevent problems with their child’s breathing.

They probably will not be able to do that if Chase Farm closes, they will just be sent home.’

Joseph Kelton, a hospital gardener, said: ‘It is horrible to think that they would close this hospital. I have been working here for twenty five years and plan to retire this year.

‘I would have to go up to Barnet or North Mid if this hospital were to close.

‘The Labour and Conservative governments are as bad as each other. People think that they are not but they are.’

Matthew Pontoc, a young worker, said: ‘I came down here to get my stitches out, it is disgusting to hear that they are going to try and close the hospital.

‘We should definitely occupy to stop the closure and we should get rid of any government that wants to close hospitals.’

Ambulance drivers working for medical services told the picket yesterday that all their overtime had been cut from Thursday night.

A midwife, who did not give her name for fear of victimisation, said: ‘It would be terrible if this hospital closes and I support an occupation if it comes to that.

‘If we have to go to Barnet hospital which is already struggling to cope, then woman and children are going to suffer.

‘If the women have to go there to have their babies, some with very young children that they have to take school, they will not get their pre-natal and post natal treatment.’