‘CALL THE AIRPORT OUT’ – demand Heathrow strikers

Unite strikers on the picket line at Heathrow Airport yesterday

FOUR thousand Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) workers are taking the fourth of four days strike action today against the company’s imposition of twenty-five per cent pay cuts amounting to £8,000 per annum.

There were three picket lines on the perimeter of the airport yesterday, restricted down to six pickets by union officials.

Striking HAL worker and Unite member Steve Collins said: ‘There is strength in numbers. They should call us all out across the airport.

‘If they get away with these pay cuts they will come back for more. United action is the way forward. We had a 90% strike vote, BA had a 98% strike vote. You have seen the three picket lines, it’s tokenism.

‘There is no barrier to stop people crossing the picket lines. We need to call the airport out.’

Striker Raj Singh said: ‘There should be united action between BA and HAL. We have shown the company that we will actually go on strike.

‘These strikes are to stop any kind of cuts and they should be stepped up.

‘Long serving workers have lost so much. We want to make sure that they won’t try it again in six months time.

‘Call the whole airport out – everybody has suffered, catering, cargo etc.

‘The cargo boys are coming out on Christmas Day and then for the next nine days.

‘They have been hit hard. Everybody should be brought out, it would have more impact.’