A LABOUR MP said yesterday that British soldiers led the counter-revolutionary ‘rebel’ advance on Tripoli last week.

In an interview with the Russia Today television station, Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North said that NATO has acted ‘effectively as the strike force for the rebel cause’.

He said: ‘It was very clear in the original UN resolution, it was very clear when our prime minister spoke in parliament here, that there would be no occupation force, that would be totally wrong.

‘One of the things that has troubled me always was this ambivalence as to whether there should be troops on the ground.’

He continued: ‘What we saw as the rebels were going into Tripoli the other day, certainly on the radio programmes that were broadcast in the UK, we heard “go left, go left, go left,” these instructions being yelled out by what were obviously British soldiers, British personnel, who were leading that advanced group.

‘Now I think that is where we’ve overstepped the line.’

He went on: ‘We must not be in a position where what we have done is created greater instability in Libya, that is absolutely clear, but nonetheless what we equally must avoid is becoming an occupation force.

‘I think Afghanistan is a very good example, Russia has very bitter experience of Afghanistan, as has Britain, of being an occupying power.

‘You start off being a friend of someone and you end up being hated by everyone.

‘An occupying force is a very dangerous place to be and you should get out as quickly as you can.’

He went on: ‘It must not be that the new government relies on the military of Britain and NATO in order to maintain power.’

Meanwhile, the counter-revolutionary ‘rebels’ were reported to be 100 kilometres from Sirte yesterday, with Libyan government forces dealing them numerous deadly blows despite the barbaric NATO planes and helicopters overhead.

The murderous NATO bombardment of the civilian population of the 100,000-strong city of Sirte has also been stepped up.

The imperialist alliance’s website stated yesterday: ‘Since the beginning of the NATO operation (31 March 2011, 06.00GMT) a total of 20,751 sorties, including 7,806 strike sorties, have been conducted. Sorties conducted 28 AUGUST: 118. Strike sorties conducted 28 AUGUST: 38.’

The counter-revolutionary ‘rebels’ admitted again yesterday that they are completely the creation and tool of NATO, with ‘NTC’ head Mustafa Abdul-Jalil saying: ‘Even after the fighting ends, we still need logistical and military support from NATO.’