BAILIFFS MOVE IN AT CRACK OF DAWN! – but Brent Academy protesters vow to continue fight


AT the crack of dawn bailiffs once again invaded the Wembley Park Sports Ground.

No legal notice had been given to the G.R.A.S.S occupiers who had moved onto the fields last Sunday.

Amidst security more reminiscent of animal experiment laboratories the first step was made to start the most hotly contested proposed academy in England.

Surrounded by security guards with dogs and with bailiffs having evicted the second group of occupiers and locked out the businesses operating on the site who were also evicted, a start was made to surveying the site.

The whole project has been severely delayed by protesters for nearly two years. It is proposed to open a temporary school at the start of September.

A digger was sent to remove the massive barrier built by the recent occupants to block the proposed route to serve the temporary school.

Their removal of the barrier was halted by protesters climbing into the trees which overhung the barrier.

The digger used for removing the barrier would have shaken the trees and put the protestors in danger.

The protesters rang the local and national health and safety executives saying that a risk assessment had not been done and demanded to know who would give authorisation for the removal of the barrier which could endanger their lives.

One of the protestors up the trees was Hank Roberts. The other tree occupier Emma, 21, said, ‘It seems to be a busy sports field with lots of children using it over the last few days. Apart from the football they were having lots of fun.

‘It is a loss to the local community. A corporate body, a so called charity, will now take over the site for their privately owned but publicly funded academy.’

The Wembley Park Action Group do not see this as the end of their campaign. There is still a long way to go before the final academy is built and they have plenty more ideas on how to halt this unwelcome project.

Hank Roberts told News Line: ‘Bailiffs came today and evicted all of the business on the site. they are now trying to put up big barriers. We slowed them down again.’

Bailiffs found another way into the site and they are trying to put up barriers.

Roberts continued: ‘It’s fascinating the security for this is like the visit for a US president, dogs and security people everywhere, it’s more like the security they have at an animal experiment laboratory.

‘It’s a disgraceful waste of money for Brent Council to be spending all this money supporting an American group who are taking over our kids education.’