BA pilots strike!

BA mixed fleet cabin crew on strike in 2017 – pilots have now voted to strike

BALPA (British Airline Pilots Association) yesterday gave notice to British Airways that it calls on its members to strike on 9th, 10th and 27th September.

‘With a 93% vote in favour of taking industrial action, and with no prospect of any further meaningful talks, we have no choice but to call this action,’ said BALPA.

‘British Airways is an extremely profitable and successful company, and pilots have been proud to play their part in that.

‘In 2018 the company announced profits of £2bn. Over recent years BA pilots have made sacrifice after sacrifice to assist the company such as taking a pay cut, productivity increases, closing the final salary pension scheme, giving up annual leave days, a new rostering system, and reducing flying pay.

‘In what is British Airways’ centenary year, this will be the very first time its pilots will go on strike. They do so as a last resort and with enormous frustration at the way the business is now being run.

‘Our ballot is valid until January, and more dates may be announced until such time as this matter is resolved.’