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The News Line: News ‘Killings on a daily basis’ in Libya
Libyans demonstrate outside Downing Street on Thursday against the NATO-imposed rebel regime in Libya
Over forty Libyans demonstrated at Downing Street on Thursday evening to express their anger at the British government’s role in the war on their country.

Aziz Daw said: ‘There are killings and torture on a daily basis, and two million Libyans have been displaced into neighbouring countries.

‘There are over 20,000 people in detention centres for their political views, they are not criminals.

‘30,000 people of Tawergha and El Awainia have been displaced by armed militias – Libya is now controlled by an extreme militia.’

Rajab Algazaly said: ‘I want to ask Cameron where is the democracy he promised the Libyan people?

‘Does he know what the rebels are doing in Libya? – I have two brothers that have been beaten and tortured.

‘Only last week in Mezda people were out enjoying themselves when they were shelled with rocket propelled grenades; over 100 were killed including women and children.’

A passer-by, Sergio from the Congo, expressed his support for the protest, saying: ‘The new regime in Libya is a puppet of western governments – they are trying to divide Libya.

‘Libyan people will pay for the blood of Gadaffi like the people of Iraq have paid.

‘Africa needs a leader like Gadaffi to defeat all the corruption.’

Jamal Abdelgadir from Sirte told News Line: ‘During the war 95 per cent of the city fled to neighbouring villages.

‘In the “new” Libya no-one from Sirte can work for the government, black people are also discriminated against.

‘Many schools have been destroyed, so children have nowhere to study.

‘In Misrata, 20,000 are imprisoned without trial and are systematically tortured and sexually attacked.’


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