35,000 gather at Marble Arch – BLACK LIVES MATTER!

A section of the 35,000-strong crowd in Hyde Park yesterday angry at the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis

35,000 WORKERS and youth rallied yesterday at Marble Arch, Speakers Corner, to insist that ‘Black Lives Matter’ and give their 100% support to the masses of US workers that are taking on Trump and the US gangster police after the police killing of George Floyd.

Bertie Cox, an Equity union actor, told News Line: ‘I will no longer sit in silence, justice needs to be done. The police have got away with it for years. They have like a “freedom pass” to do what they want, and that includes “killing”.’ He alleged ‘They have a licence to kill.

‘An enquiry is not enough, it’s time for the trade unions to take action and take control. If we can’t do it now we never will. Now is the time for all the unions, every union, across the whole spectrum from the actors union to the construction union – we need a general strike to bring the government down.’

Naomi Guerinier said: ‘What black people want is their voice to be heard. They want to be treated as humans and not something without value. These police must be found guilty of murder, that is the only justice.

‘Too many people have been killed for the colour of their skin and that is racism. When we see something that is not right we do need to speak, we do need to stand up and we do need change.’

A junior doctor in the BMA, Faith Soriano stated: ‘Capitalism has always been built on the monetary gain of the right wing. How can you say you support black and ethnic minorities and social justice when you, yourself, are voting against them by voting Tory?

‘Capitalism is selfish, it doesn’t value everyone equally, it doesn’t value humanity at all, it cares for the rich and only the rich.’

A young waiter, Alex Maiorano said: ‘I am so angry about the injustices and inequality – it is so wrong. The discrepancies between rich people and poor people are extreme.

‘There are people on tens of millions of pounds a year and others who are homeless. I want society right for everyone. Things start as a revolution, we have to stand up against capitalism, I want socialism.’

‘We’re tired of injustice,’ said Jacinta Ngoma from Croydon. ‘This won’t end until change happens and we are here to make change happen, period!’

Another protester, Mario Seeley, told News Line: ‘I’m here to support the Black Lives Matter US protests because it is so important.

‘Violence is happening all over the world and we want to be treated as equal.

‘Racism is more to the front in the US now Trump is President.

‘These protests will spark a movement that will bring down Trump and his government.’

Student Manon Ijaz said: ‘We have to challenge racism as this system institutionaslises it.

‘We have to overthrow capitalism not just talk about it.’

Another student, Anya Dupre, said: ‘We need the education system to change, generations have been fighting for it but now we’ve got to get everyone to come together to make it happen.

‘The Windrush scandal shows that racism is still prevalent.’

Sameera McKenna was with a delegation of RMT members with their Bakerloo Line banner. She said: ‘We want justice for tube worker Belly Mujinga who died as a result of a racist attack on the Underground.

‘All essential workers need PPE on the trains and the Underground.’

Phil Roy, an RMT member on the Victoria Line, said: ‘We are showing our solidarity with the protests in the US.’

Student Melina said: ‘We’ve had enough these police murders have been going on for years, these demonstrations have to give energy to the movement for change.’

Student Chris Lewis said: ‘You have to be anti-racist, its not enough to be silent, it only aids the racists.’