200 days of Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Civil Defence in Gaza has so far recovered 283 bodies from the mass grave in the courtyard of the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis

ISRAEL’S genocidal war on Gaza entered its 200th day yesterday, with the Health Ministry saying that the IOF (Israeli Occupation Force) had committed three ‘massacres’ over the past 24 hours, killing at least 32 Palestinians and wounding 59 others.

This brings the Palestinian death toll to over 34,183, with at least 77,143 injured and an estimated 7,000 missing, presumed dead, since early October.
More than 14,500 children and 9,500 women are among those killed, making up over 70 per cent of the victims, according to health officials.
At least 35 more bodies were found in another mass grave at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis yesterday, bringing the total number of bodies recovered there to at least 310, many with their hands tied behind their backs, indicating executions.
After the Israeli military withdrew from Khan Younis earlier this month, residents return daily to Nasser Hospital to search for the bodies of their loved ones with the aim of burying them in permanent graves elsewhere.
The International Committee of the Red Cross has given 1,500 body bags and protective gear to the medics to help dig up the grounds and move corpses.
‘I came here for the fifth day looking for the body of my son Jamal, but I did not find his body,’ said Raeda Abu al-Ola.
Civil defence workers continue to search for human remains. Israel has yet to comment on the killings and mass burials at the hospital.
In the 200 days of Israel’s war on Gaza the Zionist regime’s military has dropped 75,000 tonnes of explosives.
In total, the Israeli attacks have damaged or destroyed:

  • 380,000 housing units;
  • 412 schools and universities;
  • 556 mosques;
  • three churches;
  • 206 archaeological and heritage sites.

In addition, the attacks have knocked 32 hospitals and 53 health centres out of service with 126 ambulances also targeted.
This destruction amounts to at least $30bn in economic losses, the media office said.