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A very lively election campaign – Scott Dore (second from right) and supporters outside Morrison’s in Acton
A LARGE Vote WRP, Vote Scott Dore campaign was out in Ealing Central and Acton yesterday. Many local people joined the WRP and promised to vote for Scott.

Eighteen-year-old Imhotep Bell-Sandy, who was on the team, said: ‘Scott’s doing a very good campaign, defending the NHS. Zero-hours contracts affect me, I’m on one right now. I don’t get as much work as I would like and when it gets to the end of the month I’ve got no money. I’ve joined the WRP and we all really enjoyed the YS Party in the Park and five-a-side football tournament last month. We’re going to win the next one in Southwark on 25th May and then we’re going to hold our own one in Acton on 14th June.’

Imhotep’s mum, Cheryl Bell-Sandy was also on the team. She said: ‘Scott is a fantastic candidate for the Acton/Ealing constituency. He represents the multi-cultural character of the area.

‘They say they are regenerating the area, but what they are really doing is selling off the council estates to multinational corporations and demolishing them and the rents for what they are building will be completely unaffordable for local people. Vote for Scott, vote for revolution, it’s coming, we have to get ready’.

Scott said: ‘The campaign is growing and we’re getting tremendous support, but we still have to continue to step it up. After the election we are determined to defend all jobs and services and lead the working class to take the power.’


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