COLONEL Gadaffi’s spokesman, Musa Ibrahim, has said that UK and French leaders were ‘rushing to reap the benefit of Tripoli’s temporary fall into their hands’.

He described UK Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to Libya as ‘swift’ and said this was because they realised ‘too well’ that the ‘mujahidin resistance groups’ were in Tripoli.

‘They arrived in military aircraft and under extremely elaborate military protection. They used helicopters to move from Mu’aytiqah Airport in Tripoli, where they landed, to the hotel where they held a news conference.

‘It was a swift visit because they realised too well that the mujahidin resistance groups were in Tripoli, in each and every neighbourhood.

‘They are rushing to reap the benefit of Tripoli’s temporary fall into their hands. They also fear a race by the US and other countries for the Libyan cake,’ Musa Ibrahim said in a 16-minute telephone interview aired by Syria-based, pro-Gadaffi Al-Ra’y TV at 2017 gmt on 15 September.

Ibrahim added that forces loyal to al-Gadaffi would be ready to repel what he anticipated to be ‘vicious attacks’ by the NATO alliance and ‘NATO agents’ on Sirte, Bani Walid and Sebha in the coming days.

He said that following the defeat of NATO in these three cities, Al-Gadaffi forces would move to ‘liberate’ Tripoli, where thousands of supporters would join in the battle.

‘In the coming days, starting tomorrow (16 September), there will be vicious attacks by the NATO alliance and NATO agents on the ground on the main struggling cities of Sirte, Bani Walid and Sebha.

‘This assault will be carried out under heavy air cover and with funding by the agents of imperialism in Qatar and the agents of the West and the crusaders in the United Arab Emirates.

‘This will be a multi-axis attack on various fronts. . . But, I reassure people that we have prepared ourselves by equipping the jihadist axis and battle fronts, and we will defeat this aggression. . . We will continue our jihad and when they break, God willing, on the gates of Sirte, on the gates of Bani Walid and on the gates of Sebha, it will be a break of their back, God willing, and it will be the first stage towards moving to Tripoli to liberate it.

‘We have thousands of mujahidin who are in the jihadist cells in Tripoli, who will join us, God willing, as soon as we move towards this steadfast city,’ Musa Ibrahim said in answer to a question on how he sees Libya ‘in the coming few days’, posed by Syria-based pro-Gadaffi Al-Ra’y TV’s presenter during a roughly 16-minute telephone interview aired ‘live’ by the channel at 2017 gmt on 15 September.

Replying to a question put to him by an Al-Ra’y TV interviewer about ways for volunteers and mujahidins from Arab countries to enter Libya to ‘support the Libyan people’ and whether or not the ‘time has come for such kind of assistance’, Musa Ibrahim said that ‘there are thousands upon thousands of young volunteers who are ready on the various fronts.

‘I see them daily in the mountains, valleys, streets, roads and homes full of enthusiasm and fighting spirit of the highest calibre.

‘As I have told you, we are in fact strong. We have the capabilities, the means and plans to liberate the whole of Libya.’

Musa Ibrahim went on to advise would-be Arab volunteers to start with their countries and ‘ask their governments to stand with the Libyan legality to bury this colonialist project in Libya now’.

Musa stressed that what the Libyans needed now was ‘a comprehensive Arab popular movement to defend Libya instead of the current silence in the Arab street’.