‘CLEAR CUT EVIDENCE OF NATO’S BARBARISM!’ – Libyan government spokesman condemns terror raids

Libyans picket the Contact Group meeting between Western governments and representatives of the counter-revolutionaries in London at the end of March
Libyans picket the Contact Group meeting between Western governments and representatives of the counter-revolutionaries in London at the end of March

‘THE murderous NATO child killers are continuing their terror raids on Libyan civilians’.

Libyan government spokesman Musa Ibrahim, speaking in the city of Surman, west of Tripoli on Monday, condemned the latest terrorist attack.

He said: ‘At dawn today the inhumane, hateful crusaders committed yet another one of their horrific massacres.

‘NATO terrorist jets targeted a residential neighbourhood in the city of Surman where the home of engineer Khalid al-Khuwayldi al-Humaydi (eldest son of Maj-Gen Al-Khuwayldi al-Humaydi) is located.

‘They were bent on inflicting maximum damage, killing and terror on Libyan families. Children, women and men, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, grandfathers and grandsons were martyred. Entire houses were flattened and many livestock killed.

‘This cowardly terrorist act cannot be justified, not militarily nor politically. It has no explanation but the crusading hate and the killing mentality which holds no weight for the lives of innocent civilians, men, women and children.

‘This is clear-cut evidence of NATO’s barbarism which exposes its malignant goals in Libya, its plots against the great Libyan people, its attempts to sap its morale, to break the thorn of its resistance and to weaken its ability to stand steadfast.

‘Those are the delusions of those who are not aware of the Libyan people’s history of resistance, its spiritual arsenal, and Islamic munitions which represent a line of defence indestructible by the criminal NATO attacks.

‘We are holding Mr Sarkozy, Mr Cameron, Mr Berlusconi, Mr Obama and all terrorist NATO presidents and generals legally and morally responsible for this cowardly act. We will never forget, forgive or let our martyrs down.

‘Shame and dishonour, shame and dishonour on those traitors and agents who cheaply sold their conscience to the enemy of their nation and religion.

‘They mistakenly think they are immune and powerful while they are regarded as fugitives before the Libyan people. They will forever remain as such.

‘Glory is ours, the people of dignity, pride and freedom.

‘Today’s aggression at dawn led to the martyrdom of 15 people. I shall name just a few:

‘Khalidah Khalid al-Khuwayldi, female, six years old.

‘Al-Khuwayldi Khalid al-Khuwayldi, male, four years old.

‘Salam Muhammad Nuri, female, six years old, in addition, to men, women and uncles.

‘Reporters have seen and photographed, first hand, the severed heads of children and their dismembered bodies dug out from under the rubble. The remainder of their bodies are at the hospital.

‘What answer do you have, you traitor agents? You who are giving the coordinates of houses and neighbourhoods to the enemy of our nation, the enemy of Islam.’

‘The Libyan government mocked the attempts of crusading NATO to hide behind obvious alibis and pretexts in order to justify the methodical war of mass extermination it had launched against the Libyan people’ said a caption aired on state-owned Libyan Al-Jamahiriyah TV at 2206 gmt on Monday.

The statement condemned NATO’s justification for bombing a residential neighbourhood in Surman city by claiming it targeted a ‘command and control centre’.

‘The General People’s Committee finds it very strange for children, women and elderly to be sleeping at this site which was described as a command and control centre’ the statement said.

‘Should NATO consider every Libyan home as such, as it is claiming, this means that it will be destroying the homes of six million Libyans.

‘Those lame pretexts will not fool anyone. NATO cannot fool the world’s free people with those lies and false accusations.

‘This confirms that the crimes committed against civilians across Libya are crimes against humanity. Recently, they were carried out in Kiklah and Al-Qawalish, then Aradah in Tripoli, Sabha followed and now Surman and other Libyan cities and villages which the alliance turned into targets to exterminate Libyans under the guise of unjust programmed resolutions aiming to control the riches and capabilities of the Libyan people.

‘The General People’s Committee is calling on legal and humanitarian international organisations, as well as the UN and its secretary-general, to urgently send fact-finding commissions in order to investigate the war of mass extermination and the crimes against humanity methodically committed by the alliance against the Libyan people, who remain challengingly steadfast against this war of aggression.

‘At the same time, we offer our sincere condolences to the families of our martyrs and we are certain that justice will prevail. Victory is near, God willing.’

Talk show host Yusuf Shakir has launched a scathing attack against NATO, and expressed his ‘deep hatred’ for the alliance. He was dressed in black and talking in a sombre, heavy tone as opposed to his usual lively attitude while poking fun at NATO and the Benghazi-based National Transitional Council.

‘You lowly (Mustafa) Abd-al-Jalil. You used to eat in those houses. You unfaithful traitor,’ the host said. ‘To hell with traitors, agents, bastards,’ he continued.

A video report showed Shakir on the scene of the bombing walking through the rubble with live commentary criticizing NATO and the NTC before breaking out in tears and eulogizing Al-Humaydi’s grandsons while picking up some of their photographs. ‘I was having lunch here last week,’ he said.

Additional footage from the hospital morgue showed the victims of the strike, most of whom were bloodied and had their skulls smashed. A baby girl, all covered in dust, had apparently suffocated under the rubble, while another boy on a stretcher had wooden shrapnel deeply embedded into his skull.

Colonel Gadaffi sent a message to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) members following last Saturday night’s barbaric, unjust crusader NATO aggression against a residential neighbourhood in the capital’s Suq al-Jum’a area.

The message read: ‘After midnight, last night, NATO jets bombed a regular house amidst a residential area of Tripoli called Suq al-Jum’a, killing all its residents while sleeping.

‘There were no military targets or even administrative building nearby.’

Gadaffi stressed: ‘this bombing represents a targeting of civilian houses and an intentional killing of the civilian population.

‘Therefore, as of today, no family is safe in its house following last night’s crime.

‘The UNSC members, especially the permanent ones, are held responsible for this methodical extermination process.’

A Libyan TV news presenter said the attack was an indication of the ‘bankruptcy of the crusaders’ morals, culture and religion, and a sign of their military defeat’.

She said the attacked area was known for its dense population.

The news presenter said three members of one family were martyred in the attack and scores were wounded.

She quoted the Libyan government’s spokesman, Musa Ibrahim, as saying that ‘this crime is another example of NATO’s barbaric nature’.

The TV showed the victims of the attack and debris of demolished buildings, with crowds chanting slogans such as: ‘There is no God but Allah, the martyr is God’s friend; and martyrs for the sake of Libya.’

Some were heard saying: ‘Is this how they protect civilians? You drop missiles on me and then you say this is protecting civilians? Long live Mu’ammar.’

The TV then showed government spokesman Musa Ibrahim holding a passport of one of the victims and speaking in English to microphones of two TV stations, Al-Ra’y and Al-Libiyah: ‘This cannot be justified in anyway.

‘How could this be justified in anyway? You need to convey the truth, you need to convey the truth to the world; you need to say enough crimes, enough murder and enough destructions.

‘Who are these cowards who come in the night and fire from the airplanes on the heads of people and kill them!

‘How can they accept this, how can they sleep at night?

‘Don’t they have families? Don’t they have children? Don’t they have wives? Go around and talk to the neighbours!

‘These are normal homes for God sake! There are still bodies under the rubble.’

Ibrahim then began to speak in Arabic to the microphones of Libyan TVs Al-Jamahiriyah and Al-Shababiyah: ‘This is another proof for all those who have sick hearts or have doubts about the barbarism of NATO.

‘All Libyans who joined them are traitors, apostates and have no legitimacy in Libya.

‘We have seen with our own eyes children being picked up under the debris.

‘We have seen pure bodies killed and slaughtered under this rubble! Yes, this is unbelievable.

‘This is Suq al-Jumu’ah District in Tripoli! It is a pure area. They have attacked it. There are no tanks, aircraft or missiles in Suq al-Jumu’ah. Suq al-Jumu’ah does not pose a threat to any one.

‘However, we said this yesterday. (Prime Minister) Dr Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmudi said yesterday that they (NATO) have now begun to target civilians openly. They have begun a new phase.

‘We tell NATO that you are morally and legally responsible for these crimes and we are not going to forgive you.

‘As for the Libyans who are now fighting under NATO’s umbrella, I tell them: Shame, shame on you until the Judgment Day!

‘Whatever our differences are, we must solve our problems through dialogue and by sitting around the table.

‘How can you come with France, Britain, the US and all Christians and crusaders to kill your relatives! My brother, everything is now clear.’

Ibrahim then pointed his finger at the crowds saying: ‘These are the neighbours Film them! They are the neighbours! They are the neighbours! Big and small buildings on both side of the street demolished.’

Holding an empty baby milk bottle, Ibrahim added: ‘A small girl was picked up from under the debris dead! Yes, she is only one year old! There are still victims under the debris!

‘Who are the Libyans who are going to accept this? Who has legitimacy and pure Libyan bloods in veins and accept these crimes against his relatives?

‘Glory to the Libyans! Glory to the righteous and patriots! I salute the population of Suq al-Jumu’ah and I salute all Libyans!

‘I urge the population of Benghazi, Al-Marj, Darnah and Al-Bayda to rise!

‘You will not be remembered for bringing shame upon you! You will not be remembered that it was you who brought Christians to Libya!

‘You will not be remembered that it was you who invited NATO to Libya!

‘You will not be remembered that it was you who caused the killing of the children of Tripoli, the children, men and women of Suq al-Jumu’ah!

‘I urge the population of Benghazi and the population of the great east to rise. Our brothers, relatives and cousins do not accept this shame!’