BREAK THE SIEGE! – –Nasrallah urges Arabs and the World

Demonstrators outside parliament last March demanding an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza
Demonstrators outside parliament last March demanding an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza

AFTER over a month of inhuman Israeli siege against the Gaza strip, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah delivered a speech, on Monday, in which he tackled the situation in Gaza and called the whole world to express complete solidarity with the Palestinian nation.

Sheikh Nasrallah started his speech by noting that Palestinians in Gaza had undergone several weeks of an inhuman siege that didn’t leave them any open window or door, ruling out the possibility of breaking the siege given the Israeli escalation taking place at all levels.

The cleric called on everyone in the world to express solidarity with the Palestinian people but also to stand and look attentively at the situation; he asked that everyone assume their responsibilities towards this human catastrophe.

‘We are witnessing a new stage in which the Zionist entity and the United States are exerting efforts to end the Palestinian cause,’ Nasrallah said, noting that the Palestinian refugees’ cause wasn’t acknowledged in Israel and the US ‘where no one recognises the Right of Return.’

The Hezbollah Secretary General said that the threat was embracing all Palestinians with no exception, stressing that the Israeli Foreign Minister Tipi Livni’s comments on Arab Israelis were not a mere slip of the tongue.

‘Livni actually expressed a position that all Zionist leaders agree unanimously on,’ he emphasised, recalling that the Israeli ultimate goal was to establish a Zionist state, pointing out to the misery witnessed by thousands of Gaza people and detainees.

‘The aim behind the Gaza siege is to break the Palestinian people’s will in order that the Zionists can impose their conditions,’ he asserted.

Secretary General Nasrallah explained that a complete dissolution of the fundamentals of the Palestinian cause was being witnessed, stating that the major focus in this stage was the Gaza blockade.

Nasrallah went on to say that the essential goal should be to break the siege and put an end to the humanitarian tragedy of the people who stood steady despite the world’s collusion and the Arabs’ silence.

‘We ask for the responsibilities in this cause to be shared,’ he stressed, noting that ‘if the leadership of this nation and the people had shouldered their responsibilities sixty years ago then this cruel entity would not have been established.’

The Resistance chief, meanwhile, called on Egypt to open Rafah border crossing permanently for the citizens of Gaza.

‘There are a million and a half Muslims in Gaza who call on us to assist them and it’s our religious and human duty to respond,’ he pointed out, adding that there were two scenes in Gaza today being faced steadfastly – hunger and cold, and shelling.

Sayyed Nasrallah also called on everyone, on behalf of Hezbollah, for the widest participation in all popular movements and demonstrations against the inhuman siege, stressing that the background would be merely humanitarian.

‘Let’s forget our political differences and be unified over a humanitarian issue such as the siege against Gaza.

‘It’s our duty today to move and continue work to end the siege,’ he stressed.

The Hezbollah leader emphasised that such serious work should start on Friday, but he added that, of course, it shouldn’t end on Friday.

‘Friday should be the beginning date, the time during which the movements against the siege start,’ he stressed, urging the whole world to assume its responsibilities regarding the Palestinian cause.

The Secretary General continued his speech and addressed the whole Arab nation and people regardless of their religion or country calling on them to take part in the campaign against the Gaza siege.

‘Where is the Arab consciousness, magnanimity and solidarity with more than one million and a half Arabs in Gaza who are suffering hunger, thirst and threats of military operation?’ Sayyed Nasrallah wondered, calling on everyone to stand side by side with Gaza.

‘In Lebanon, we’re going to assume our responsibilities,’ he declared, calling for the widest participation in a demonstration that would take place in the southern suburb of Beirut on Friday.

However, the Hezbollah Secretary General warned against attempts to ‘politicise’ the issue.

‘It can’t be related to the political traditional divisions of March 8 and 14,’ he said, calling on all Lebanese from the capital Beirut and all other regions to take part in Friday’s demonstration.

‘I don’t call upon all Lebanese to come to the southern suburb of Beirut to raise their voice.

‘Instead, they are invited to stay within their own regions,’ Sayyed Nasrallah declared.

He called for the widest possible participation in the event, ‘so that all Lebanon declares its support for Gaza’s resistance, steadfastness, firmness and its commitment to the appropriate rights.’