Unions must pull the plug on the BNP!


THE BNP, a fascist movement, is to be promoted by the BBC with an invitation about to be sent to it to appear on ‘Question Time’, and invitations being considered for other programmes.

The BBC statement coincided with the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War in which 40 million Russians were killed or wounded fighting the German fascist armies, as well as several million UK and US soldiers.

The German army, on Hitler’s orders killed six million Jews in the ghettos and concentration camps of Europe. Hitler’s first action on coming to power in 1933 was to organise the banning of the German workers’ parties and the trade unions, and to have their leaders thrown into concentration camps where they were murdered.

As is well known, the German fascists became powerful after the 1929-1931 economic and financial crash produced massive unemployment and a huge crisis in Germany in particular.

Now with the banks crashing once again and the emergence of a worldwide slump, the British fascists are to get a leg up from the BBC! A spokesman for the BBC yesterday said that the organisation was bound by the rules to treat all political parties with ‘due impartiality’.

The BBC also said that no parties could dictate to it who should not be included on ‘Question Time’.

News Line urges a boycott of any ‘Question Time’ programme that features the BNP.

We urge the trade unions to pull the plug on any ‘Question Time’ programme that features a member of the BNP. Fascism must not be allowed to rise again, to attempt to re-play its role in the 1930s.