Ukrainian regime to be run by open US imperialist agents


CITIZENS of the US, Georgia and Lithuania have been granted Ukrainian citizenship in order to be key ministers in the new counter-revolutionary government of Ukraine, based in Kiev.

President Poroshenko has also announced he will sign a decree to grant citizenship to all foreigners (mercenary forces raised by Oligarchs) fighting on Kiev’s side in the east of the country.

Natalie Jaresko of the US, who heads the Horizon Capital investment fund is to be the Ukraine’s Finance Minister. In 1992-1995, she served as the first Chief of the Economic Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine. Before that she occupied several economic positions in the US State Department. A direct agent of US imperialism is now in charge of the finances of the Ukraine.

The health minister is to be Aleksandr Kvitashvili, who served in the Georgian government as Labour Minister in 2009-2012. This government was organised and maintained by NATO.

A Lithuanian, Aivaras Abromavicius, has been approved as the economy minister by the new parliament, the Verkhovna Rada. Abromavicius is a partner at the $3.6 billion-worth East Capital asset management group.

US Vice President Joe Biden’s youngest son, R Hunter Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry’s family friend, Devon Archer, beat the above to the punch. They were appointed directors of Burisma Holdings, the Ukraine’s largest private gas producer months ago.

Poroshenko told the Kiev parliament that he views the foreign ministers as necessary to cope with the difficult situation in the economy, the fighting in Donbas and throughout eastern Ukraine and the necessity of pushing through privatisation and dealing with thieving, corrupt officials.

Poroshenko has said he will continue to assign positions in the government to representatives of states friendly to Ukraine.

A counter-revolutionary regime is being assembled to carry through the struggle to privatise the Ukrainian economy and smash the resistance to the Ukraine becoming a property of the US and the EU. This is however just the start of the operation.

The US and the EU have imposed sanctions on the Russian economy and are working to create the conditions, through collapsing the rouble, creating bankruptcies, and driving up inflation, to convince Poroshenko-type Oligarchs in Moscow to mobilise and use their extreme wealth to overthrow President Putin from the right, extending the regime-change operation that was begun in the Ukraine into Russia itself.

US Republican senator John McCain has pushed himself forward to play a leading role in this task.

He has announced that the United States can deliver natural gas to Europe replacing Russia as its supplier by 2020.

McCain stated that he is satisfied with Bulgaria’s decision not to allow the construction of the proposed South Stream pipeline project by Russia.

He said: ‘I’m just glad our friends in Europe cancelled the pipeline that was going to go through Europe.’

McCain added that his personal efforts to urge the Bulgarian government to look toward Europe to secure its energy interests and refrain from working with Russia ‘were successful’ and ‘culminated with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to forgo the pipeline project entirely.’

Legislation, introduced in June by McCain and four other US senators looks to expedite the process of exporting American liquefied natural gas to US allies, particularly in Europe.

Currently, Russia remains the EU’s largest source of energy imports, accounting for approximately 32 per cent of EU energy imports in 2012, according to European Commission’s statistics.

The US-EU Energy Council has just welcomed the prospect of US liquefied natural gas exports to Europe, and has called further talks to push through the transatlantic trade treaty TTIP which would legalise US domination over the EU.

These major changes in the situation hammer home the message that the only way to defend the gains of the Russian revolution against the imperialist onslaught is to build the Fourth International in every country to organise the victory of the world socialist revolution, with the restoration of the USSR as one of its vital parts.