UK-France Moving To Partition Libya


FOREIGN Secretary William Hague yesterday ordered the Libyan charge d‘affaires out of the UK along with all Libyan diplomats.

Hague said: ‘We’re inviting the national transitional council to appoint a new Libyan diplomatic envoy’, and that the UK will recognise the Libyan rebel council as the ‘sole governmental authority’.

The UK is now to ask the National Transitional Council, the gang of Benghazi counter-revolutionaries, to appoint a new diplomatic envoy from the new ‘Libyan government’, which would be dealt with ‘on the same basis as other governments around the world’.

Labour stood shoulder to shoulder with the coalition with shadow foreign office minister Stephen Twigg saying: ‘We agree that the National Transitional Council is best able to represent the people of Libya, so it makes sense to recognise them, I hope other countries will also recognise them, and it’s time for Gadaffi’s diplomats to leave London.’

This is sheer Alice in Wonderland!

Colonel Gadaffi has demonstrated in the last seven days with a series of massive demonstrations that the majority of Libyans clearly support him, and that the thousands of bombing raids that have been mounted have only served to stoke up the fires of Libyan determination to stop their country being recolonised and its oil expropriated by the UK and France.

Earlier this week, in the face of the overwhelming evidence that Gadaffi has much more support than the Benghazi gang, Hague said that if the Libyan people wanted it, Colonel Gadaffi could remain in Libya with his family as part of any settlement.

This comes after a five month campaign to kill him and exterminate his family!

The UK government appears to be staggering around, unable to live with the truth about its much reduced capacity, and that its military campaign to overthrow Gadaffi, using all its force, has come to nought, revealing, not strength, but the chronic weakness of Anglo-French imperialism which ceased terrifying the world a long time ago.

The last straw for this spent force seems to have been the appearance of the man who was made the fall guy for the Lockerbie bombing, Megrahi, at a pro-Gadaffi rally.

This seems to have been taken as the last provocative tug at the aging lion’s tail. It has now retaliated with its punishment, the closure of the embassy and the decision that the Benghazi gang is the government.

In fact, this declaration of the ‘new’ government has a logic of its own.

It is that the UK and France will seek to get back what it has lost by supporting and strengthening the Benghazi gang as the ‘government’, by sending in ground forces, to attempt to be able to exploit, along with its puppets, a portion of the oil wealth of eastern Libya.

British workers have watched the cost of the Libyan war and Nato’s slaughter of civilians mount by millions of pounds a day.

At the same time, the coalition government is insisting that the British workers accept that their Welfare State and NHS be privatised and destroyed to pay the price for the crisis of the bankers and bosses capitalist system.

The Libyan masses have shown the gigantic feet of clay of British imperialism.

Now the British workers must join the struggle to put out of date, bankrupt British capitalism and imperialism out of its misery.

The trade unions must be made to call a general strike to bring down the coalition and bring in a workers government.

This will carry out socialist policies at home and abroad and take action to give every support and aid to the Libyan people to make a rapid recovery from the massive damage that British imperialism has caused to the country and its people.