Time For Labour To Sack Starmer And To Start Supporting Palestine And Workers Rights!


WITH the Tory Party in its greatest crisis ever – as the capitalist world crisis intensifies and the Tory party brings in new savage laws to try to break the trade unions, and boasts that it intends to slash benefits – it badly needs help and assistance.

So along comes Labour leader Starmer to give the Tories maximum support with his attempt to sack parliamentary candidates who are condemning Israel’s savage onslaught on the workers of Gaza, killing thousands of workers, and women and children in the process.

Starmer is standing up for the Netanyahu regime so that it can carry on policing the Middle East, and mass murdering Palestinians for the benefit of the imperialist powers.

Millions of people are demanding a ceasefire in Gaza in order to try to stop the slaughter of the innocents that is taking place, including hundreds of journalists.

Starmer not only refuses to call for a ceasefire, giving his full support to the Israeli murder machine – with a general election approaching he is moving to sack Labour Party parliamentary candidates who are denouncing Israel’s murderous onslaught and calling for an immediate ceasefire.

So determined is Starmer to support Israel that he has had Labour remove its support for Labour’s Rochdale by-election candidate, Azhas Ali, who however remains on the ballot as a would-be Labour MP, but now without the backing of Starmer’s Labour Party.

Rochdale by-election candidate Azhas Ali was among the 40 Labour councillors who wrote a letter to Starmer in October accusing Israel of blatant violations of International law.

The 40 added to the letter a condemnation of Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians and called for Israel to be investigated for its Gaza war crimes, murdering men, women and very young children, and be punished for them, with long jail sentences.

The letter ended: ‘We vehemently condemn any actions that lead to the loss of innocent lives. Israels blatant violation of International Law through the denial of essential resources such as food, water and fuel must be unequivocally denounced. The collective punishment of 2.2 million Palestinians cannot be justified.’

On Monday night the Labour Party said that it was withdrawing its support for Ali who however will still contest the by-election.

Starmer added: ‘It is a huge thing to withdraw support for a Labour candidate during the course of a by-election. But when I say the Labour Party has changed under my leadership I mean it.’

Calling opposition to Israeli fascism ‘anti-semitism’ Starmer concluded that he would ‘investigate other Labour Party members who attended the meeting’ at which the recordings of speeches in support of Palestine had been made.’

However, the UK working class will support Labour MPs who continue to denounce Israeli and UK fascism and its bloody fascist attacks on youth, the elderly, journalists and the trade unions.

The trade unions that finance the Labour Party and indeed founded it, must now intervene to see that Starmer and his supporters in the Labour leadership who have insisted that there must not be a ceasefire in Palestine, and that the slaughter of the innocents must continue, are sacked from their posts and positions.

The huge strength of the trade unions must be used to change the world for the better, definitely not used to give support to mass murder in Palestine.

In fact, the trade unions must now call an emergency Special Congress to organise and select a new Labour leadership, and to organise and call an indefinite general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government and a socialist reorganisation of society.

All of the anti-union laws must be smashed to give trade unions the freedom to take action as required.

Relations must be established with working people all over the world to put an end to capitalism and imperialism and go forward to world-wide socialism, whose motto will be: ‘From each according to their ability to each according to their need.’

Capitalism must be smashed and replaced by a world- wide nationalised and planned socialist economy that will satisfy people’s needs.

Forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution.