The US, UK and Israel are ready to try to re-impose imperialism in the Middle East!


YESTERDAY, the USA backed Israel unconditionally and along with the UK pushed through its plan for taking over the Gaza Strip, smashing Hamas and greatly weakening the Iranian revolution.

This plan immediately sees over a million people shifted from Gaza City around the country for the benefit of the imperialist powers.

The policy is straight forward. It is that Israel will occupy the entire Gaza Strip, and then move to destroy the Hamas movement, which has just earned the eternal hatred of Israel, by its defeat of Israeli forces in the recent clashes.

The primary target is not Hamas but the Iranian revolution, whose victory changed the world for the better and greatly weakened imperialism.

This is why it is backed up by the US, which now has an aircraft carrier and support ships in the Med, the UK has announced that it will send two Royal Navy ships and surveillance aircraft to the eastern Mediterranean to ‘bolster security’.

By bolstering security, they mean creating the conditions for the removal of the Hamas government in Gaza, as a first step to removing the Iranian government and imposing counter revolution in the oil rich countries.

This change comes after six days of violence following the ‘surprise attack’ and victory over Israel by Hamas’ which ended the myth of Israeli invincibility for ever.

UK aircraft will begin patrols on Friday to ‘track threats to regional stability such as the transfer of weapons to terrorist groups’. As well three Merlin helicopters and Royal Marines are also being dispatched.

Speaking in Sweden on Friday, Rishi Sunak said the UK was monitoring the situation in Israel closely, adding ‘humanitarian concerns and protection of civilians are very important’.

The prime minister said Royal Navy assets were being moved to the Mediterranean over the coming week so they can ‘provide humanitarian support as required’.

On Thursday, Sunak spoke to Israel’s prime minister to ‘reaffirm the UK’s support for Israel following Hamas appaling terrorist attack’, Downing Street said.

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps earlier said the Royal Navy vessels were not warships, but dual purpose ‘ships that can assist with hospital facilities’.

He added to BBC Breakfast, sending the boats was also about ‘deterring others from getting involved in the region’ and ‘maligning external influence’.

When asked about Britain’s response to the attacks, the defence secretary said: ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’ and added that, ‘unlike Hamas’, it was giving a warning ‘that it’s coming after Hamas terrorists’ which was the right thing to do.

Sunak also spoke to Egyptian President, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, on Thursday morning to discuss the importance of opening the Rafah crossing into Gaza to allow for humanitarian access and provide a route for British and other nationals to leave.

Speaking on Thursday, he said the UK’s military and diplomatic teams across the region would support international partners to ‘re-establish security and ensure humanitarian aid reaches the thousands of innocent victims of this barbaric attack from Hamas terrorists’.

In other words a much weakened British imperialism is to play a major role in policing the Gulf and preparing for war in the Gulf. The UK is however not the only place where supporters of Hamas against the Israeli butchers were being treated as criminals.

In France yesterday, the police in the centre of Paris used tear gas and water cannon to break up a pro-Palestinian rally, after the French government banned such demonstrations.

Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, said those defying it should be arrested as ‘they are susceptible to disrupt public order’. Despite the ban, thousands of protesters gathered in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux and other cities on Thursday.

Police used water cannon to disperse a 3,000-strong rally at Place de la République in Paris, where demonstrators chanted ‘Israel murderer’ and ‘Palestine will win’ and waved Palestinian flags. 10 people were also arrested at another rally in Lille.

The message of the hour must be ‘workers of the world unite’ to smash capitalism and imperialism and to go forward to worldwide socialism!