Sunak Seeks To Militarise Working Class Youth As Well As Banning All Strikes!


TORY PM Sunak yesterday sought to win back big business by stating that after the forthcoming general election has been won on July 4th, the Tory government will be bringing in conscription for youth and that all 18 year olds will have to either serve 12 months in the armed forces or carry out Community Service.

For some time now, the Tories have been egging on the Ukrainian fascists to bomb Russia, telling them that the British army will be in the most advanced trenches along with them when the war begins.

In fact, earlier this year, the head of the British army gave his orders to Sunak that Britain ‘should train a citizens army’ ready to fight a war against Russia on land in the future.

Sunak’s response has been to move to militarise the masses of youth, no doubt to mobilise them for strike-breaking on a massive scale, to smash the trade unions and end the right to strike.

Yesterday, PM Sunak warned that ‘you, your family and our country are all at risk if Labour win’.

He added: ‘We all know that Labour doesn’t have a plan … the consequences of uncertainty are clear. No plan means a more dangerous world.’

The £2.5 billion scheme, or plan, will see school leavers having to apply for a year-long placement in the armed forces or the UK’s cyber defences, where they will gain experience in logistics, cyber security, procurement and civil response operations such as flood defences. The placements will involve residential stays at army barracks or other military facilities around the country.

Sunak has pledged that a future Conservative government would set up a Royal Commission to design the ‘National Service Programme’, with a pilot scheme opening for applications in September 2025, ahead of a countrywide roll out by 2029.’

He concluded that: ‘I will bring in a new version of National Service to create a new sense of purpose amongst our young people, offering them the chance to learn real world skills, do new things and and contribute to their community and our country.’

The above policy, will go hand in glove with the government’s anti-strike laws, with a mass of youth based in army barracks, where they will learn all there is to know about strike-breaking.

Trade unionism in these circumstances will be declared illegal, and more anti-trade union legislation will be pushed through to be enforced by the members of the new ‘National Service Programme’.

There is not the slightest doubt that the masses of UK youth will have nothing to do with these anti-trade union militias in disguise.

In fact, the mass of youth are already in revolt against the barbaric low wages and horrific working conditions that are being imposed on them by the UK bosses.

There is only one way forward for the millions of UK youth that are being dumped on the scrap heap by the UK ruling class of millionaires and bosses.

This is to organise the masses of young people in the Young Socialists where they will play a massive role in the struggle to bring down the Tory regime and bring in a Workers Government that will expropriate the bosses and bring in socialism.

In fact, the attacks on the millions of young workers are taking place all over the capitalist world.

Everywhere, the bosses are aghast at the collapses of the capitalist system, and everywhere they have their plans to make the working class and the youth pay for the capitalist crisis.

There is only one way forward for the workers of the world. This is to build up mass Young Socialists’ movements as the basis for powerful revolutionary parties to mobilise the working class to carry out the British and world socialist revolutions.

In the period immediately ahead in the UK, the trade unions will have to carry out a change of leadership, and bring in a revolutionary leadership that will organise the working class to carry out the British socialist revolution.

The truth of the matter is that capitalism on a worldscale has had its day and now must make way for a worldwide socialist republic. There is no other way forward.