Russian oligarchs gave millions in donations to the Tory Party!


THE FINAL release by the House of Commons intelligence and security committee of the report into allegations of Russian interference in British politics is a clear indication of the abrupt shift to the right by the ruling class and the Tory party as the economic crisis deepens and British capitalism is plunged into the greatest depression in its history.

Ever since the report was finalised late last year the Tories have refused to make the report public.

This changed on Tuesday when the newly-elected chair of the committee, Julian Lewis, overrode other Tory MPs on the committee to publish the report.

Lewis, a noted right-winger and ardent Brexit supporter, won his position in a coup against Johnson loyalist Chris Grayling, a move denounced as treachery by Johnson, who immediately threw Lewis out of the parliamentary Tory party.

It is now being claimed in the press that Lewis won the support of Labour and SNP members on the back of a secret pledge that his first job would be to defy Johnson and publish a report that has been widely proclaimed as being a damning indictment of Johnson and previous Tory leaders, notably Theresa May and David Cameron.

The report was commissioned to investigate accusations that Russia had interfered in British politics especially during the 2016 EU referendum.

The failure to find any evidence about Russian ‘meddling’ the report puts down to the fact that Johnson and May, along with the security services, simply didn’t investigate these accusations.

One thing the report is clear about comes in a key section dealing with the huge sums of money donated to the Tory party and members of the House of Lords by wealthy Russian oligarchs.

The report says: ‘Several members of the Russian elite who are closely linked to Putin are identified as being involved with charitable and/or political organisations in the UK, having donated to political parties’ and that their ‘public profile’ allows them to ‘assist Russian influence operations’, turning London into a ‘laundromat’ for dirty money.

Russian oligarchs, who made their billions by looting sections of the nationalised economy of Russia carrying out Boris Yeltsin’s programme in the 1990s of attempting to restore capitalism in the Soviet Union, flooded London with a massive influx of their stolen money.

Russian oligarchs funded the Tory party to the tune of at least £3.5 million of this loot, since the Tories came to power in 2010. They bought their way into British politics by kind permission of the Tories!

According to the report, a large number of Lords ‘have business interests linked to Russia, or work directly for major Russian companies linked to the Russian state.’ Not just the Tories but Labour under Tony Blair welcomed with open arms the money handed out by these thieves.

But now, rather late in the day, both Labour and the Tories have re-discovered virtue and the previous ‘valued friend’ is now denounced as an evil enemy dedicated to destroying British democracy.

The abrupt transformation of the Russian oligarchs from ‘friend’ to ‘mortal enemy’ is the political reflection of the deepening crisis of capitalism as the British ruling class fights for survival to dump the crisis onto the backs of the working class and to turn Russia into an ‘enemy state’ threatening the UK.

The bankrupt capitalist system is now fighting for its life. Its main enemy is at home, the working class, but it seeks to win the middle class with its depiction of the Russian-Chinese ‘red menace’.

It intends to dump the whole of the world crisis of capitalism onto the backs of the working class.

The ruling class is acutely aware that, with the country facing mass unemployment and drowning under a mountain of debt, survival depends on imposing massive austerity and privatisation on the working class.

Those trade union leaders who have called for unity with the Tories to ‘save’ Britain will soon find themselves turned into ‘the enemy’ as counter-revolutionary forces emerge determined to make the working class pay for the crisis by destroying the trade unions.

These fake, pro-Tory trade union leaders must be replaced with a new revolutionary leadership that will halt this move to dictatorial rule by calling a general strike to bring down the Tories and go forward to a workers government that will expropriate the bosses and bankers and build a planned socialist economy.

Only the WRP is building this leadership – join today.