Johnson’s Visit To Sweden And Finland Is To Expand The War Against Russia!


PM BORIS Johnson is visiting Sweden and Finland to expand the war in Ukraine, and specifically to urge both nations to join the NATO alliance and the ongoing struggle headed by the US and the UK to destroy the Russian Federation, and then do the same to China.

The visit takes place one day after the Queen’s Speech in parliament, in which the same PM refused to tackle the cost of living crisis that is pauperising millions of working class families who now survive on one meal a day, thanks to the massive rises in the cost of living.

A conservative estimate is that 1.5 million households across the UK will struggle to pay food and energy bills over the next year, as rising prices and higher taxes smash household budgets. There was not a penny made available for them in the Queen’s Speech!

This is despite the warning in its latest quarterly outlook on the UK economy by the NIESR (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) that a combination of rising prices and measures announced in the Chancellor’s Spring Statement – such as the decision not to scrap a planned rise in National Insurance tax – are hitting the poorest households hardest.

Inflation is now at a 30-year high, as the Ukraine war drives up fuel and energy prices on an hourly basis.

While his Queen’s Speech did not offer a penny to hungry workers and their families, Prince Charles did announce law and order ‘civil war’ plans to illegalise ‘disruptive demonstrations’, ban public bodies from boycotting Israel, and to build up for military action against Russia.

This strategy is dictated by the fact that the US, and the UK ruling classes have grasped that the development of Russia and China has been so powerful, that if it is not checked, halted and turned back, capitalism has a past but no future.

This realisation caused a crisis in the UK ruling class, with its Russian football owners, and Russian House of Lords members, and hundreds of Russian oligarchs giving millions in donations to the Tory Party.

Breaking up was difficult, but was forced through because the fate of British capitalism and its US big brother was and is now on the line.

Russia has now been returned to its place, ever since 1917, as the real danger to ‘capitalist civilisation’ that must be destroyed at any cost.

Tory leaders like Truss now shriek that Ukraine’s war with Russia is ‘our war’ and that, while Russia defeated the Nazis and took Berlin, that Putin and his supporters are worse than Nazis and deserve the same fate as Hitler, the same Hitler who was fawned over by British leaders such as the Duke of Windsor and many more.

The UK ruling class and its US masters have decided that a war to wipe out Russia and then China is the number one issue that everything else must be subordinated to.

Since Ukraine and Russia are the granary of the world, as well as a huge source of oil, blockading Russia and then fighting it out will see food and fuel prices rise by hundreds of percent.

The US and UK ruling classes, and their leaders Biden and Johnson, are determined that the working class will pay the price of their counter-revolutionary war, and that the ruling class will not sacrifice one penny.

Workers and their children will have to go hungry and starve as a way of life, so that UK and US ruling classes have the resources to fight Russia.

The US and the UK ruling classes have poured billions of pounds of cash and equipment into the hands of a Ukrainian regime whose pride and joy is the Azov formations made up of convinced fascists.

PM Johnson knows that his political future depends on carrying out this policy. This is why he is now in Sweden and Finland trying to persuade the ruling classes of these countries to join the war against Russia.

This is why the BBC is now practically the Ukrainian Broadcasting Company pushing out ‘Glory to Ukraine’ propaganda 24 hours a day.

Under this banner, UK workers are set to starve, along with their children, as prices zoom upwards – all to satisfy the needs of the US and UK ruling classes, who will not hesitate to use nuclear weaponry in the struggle, if they get the opportunity.

However the UK working class will not stand by and watch as its children go hungry, all to return the capitalists and bosses to their former position of world domination.

In fact workers will adopt the Leninist slogans that moved millions of workers and brought the First World War to an end. These were that ‘The enemy is at home’ and to ‘Turn the imperialist war into a civil war’ .

It was under this banner that the Russian workers state was formed and defended by the workers of the world.

Workers in the UK, the EU and the US will adopt this policy that the ‘enemy is at home’, and lead socialist revolutions world wide to put an end to capitalism with the victory of the world socialist revolution in the days ahead. This is the way forward!