Israelis mass tanks on Gaza border


ISRAEL’S Prime Minister has promised prolonged and extensive military action to free an Israeli soldier missing and presumed held captive in southern Gaza.

Mouthing the usual Israeli threats, Premier Olmert said ‘Let it be clear: We will reach everyone, no matter where.’ No Israeli soldiers have been seized by Palestinian militants since 1994 and this is being seen as a major crisis in Israel.

It is, in fact, such a crisis, because guided by their racist Zionist ideology, the Zionist leadership have the greatest difficulty in saying, as Margaret Thatcher would have about a British soldier captured in such circumstances, that there can be no dealing with terrorists.

In fact, this was the Blair and Straw line when hostage after hostage was taken in Iraq including the female aid worker, Margaret Hassan.

While the Zionists are able to shed oceans of human blood with their bombs, bullets and missiles as long as it is Palestinian, they consider that Jewish blood like the Jewish state is sacred.

This is their Achilles heel, as they have shown countless times in southern Lebanon, where they had a history of exchanging hundreds and hundreds of hardened Hezbollah fighters for a handful of Jewish soldiers.

So nobody can complain about the Palestinian fighters trying the same tactic, or about the women and children of the nine thousands of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israel laughing with glee, and calculating just how many Palestinians the Israelis will be forced to free to save their one soldier.

The Zionist armoured forces that are gathering on the borders with Gaza are there awaiting a deal to free the captured soldier, before they intervene to exact a bloody vengeance on the Palestinian masses of Gaza.

The Israelis have already established that nobody will be free from the retribution to come.

Yesterday’s statement from Olmert said: ‘We consider the Palestinian Authority on all its senior levels as the element responsible for this operation and everything that it implies.’

Olmert said he had instructed army chiefs to be ready for ‘a prolonged and extensive military operation in order to strike the terror organisations and commanders’.

He said he held senior officials in the Palestinian Authority, including President Abbas, and Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, of Hamas responsible.

The situation therefore, despite the daring Palestinian operation which involved the digging of a 300 metre tunnel under the border crossing to launch a surprise attack on the much superior Israeli armoured forces killing two soldiers and capturing one, remains essentially the same.

The Zionist forces are massing for action and there is no telling how far they are going to take it.

They are already threatening to overthrow the elected Hamas government and install some kind of puppet regime, if they are able to find enough puppets, and then no doubt to move to establish the borders of a Greater Israel, carving up whole chunks of the West Bank and the entire Jordan Valley.

Workers in the West must insist that the Palestinian masses have the right to fight the occupiers of their lands. They have the right to capture them and hold them to ransom for the freedom of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

They also have the right to a state with its capital Jerusalem, and with refugees having the right to return, with all of the Zionist settlements in the West Bank evacuated.

This is their right. Workers in the West must fight for that right. Their first action must be to force the trade union leaders to impose a trade boycott on Israel and then to spread it internationally through the world trade union movement.

This would be a real assistance to the Palestinian people and mark the beginning of the end for Zionist Israel.