Imperialists In A Panic Over Syria’s Ghouta Victory!


THE Syrian government has denied the terrorist claims, that were expected, that Syria has launched a chemical attack on its own city of Douma, in Eastern Ghouta, killing 70 people. In fact, any gas attack was self-inflicted, and was predicted by both Syrian and Russian experts. They said that the terrorist gangs are desperate to provide the US-UK and France with reasons to rain bombs down on Damascus.

However, it is now very late in the day for provoking such an onslaught, since the Syrian army is taking the terrorists’ last area, near to Damascus, thanks to the bravery of the Syrian people and their soldiers In a statement released via Syria’s official SANA news agency on Sunday, the Syrian government stressed that such claims were aimed at halting the Syrian forces’ advances in the region and any chemical attacks were made by the terrorists themselves.

‘The chemical fabrications, which did not serve the terrorists and their sponsors in Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta, will not serve them today either, as the Syrian state is determined to end terrorism in every square inch of Syrian territory,’ read the government statement. It added that Syrian forces, ‘which are making a swift and determined advance’, do not need to use such measures against the terrorists.

The Syrian government, in fact, surrendered its stockpiles of chemical weapons in 2014 to a joint mission led by the UN and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which oversaw the destruction of the weaponry. The Syrian government has however expressed its readiness to engage in negotiations with the Jaish al-Islam Takfiri group that is still holding Douma, the last terrorist bastion in Eastern Ghouta. ‘Jaish al-Islam terrorists have requested negotiations with the Syrian state, which will start the talks within two hours from now,’ state TV cited an official source as saying on Sunday.

Syria’s SANA news agency also stated that the terrorists’ appeal came after ‘the painful blows they received due to the decisive military operation on their positions and hotbeds in Douma’.

The Syrian army, backed by the Russian air force, has almost entirely liberated Eastern Ghouta, which used to serve as a major militant stronghold and a launchpad for deadly raids on the residents of Damascus. Separately on Sunday, Russia dismissed the claims of an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian government forces in Douma.

Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko, head of the Russian peace and reconciliation centre in Syria commented: ‘We hereby announce that we are ready to send Russian specialists in radiation, chemical and biological defence to collect information, as soon as Douma is freed from militants. This will confirm the trumped-up nature of these statements.’

Meanwhile, the would-be imperialist liberators are quarrelling with each other.

Turkey, which has deployed troops to invade northern Syria, has threatened France with hostilities saying that if France steps up its military presence in the Arab country, it will amount to an ‘invasion’.

Turkish Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli, also an invader of northern Syria, said on Saturday, ‘If France takes any steps regarding its military presence in northern Syria, this would be an illegitimate step that would go against international law and in fact, it would be an invasion.’

Meanwhile, UK forces and 2,000 US troops are also operating in northern Syria. Speaking to Sputnik, Rezan Gulo, the defence minister of the Kurdish canton of Jazire of the self-proclaimed Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava) confirmed the presence of US, French and British troops in the region. The latter are present illegally, without the sanction of the UK parliament.

‘The military contingent of the US, Britain and France is located not only in Manbij but also in Tell Abyad, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Tabqa within the framework of the US-led coalition’s assistance to the SDF. The coalition forces are increasing their presence throughout northern Syria,’ Gulo specified. The Syrian people have a very clear message to the invaders of northern Syria. This is that they must leave Syria at once or else they will be humiliated before the entire world and chased out of Syria by the Syrian army and the Syrian people with their tails between their legs.