Defend Libyan revolution! Stop and bring down the oil thieves! Victory to Gadaffi!


THE French ruling class yesterday officially recognised the Libyan counter-revolutionary rebels of the Transitional National Council as the country’s legitimate government, and is due to send an ambassador to Benghazi, and receive one from the right wing accomplices of imperialism.

France is also expected to send military equipment and ‘instructors’ to Benghazi.

The French announcement came after the European parliament urged the EU to take that course.

NATO defence ministers began a two-day meeting yesterday afternoon and are due to discuss NATO establishing a no-fly zone and arming and supplying and training their new found Libyan allies.

Present at the meeting is the US Defence Secretary Gates, the former CIA chief under President Bush.

The EU has already decided to strengthen its sanctions on Libya adding five Libyan state financial institutions to the list whose assets and resources will be frozen.

The French pirates are seeking to get one over the UK and German ruling classes as far as future access to Libyan oil is concerned, under a new regime that will be open to its privatisation designs.

Sarkozy’s adventurism will no doubt jerk the UK and Germany into action out of fear that they will lose out as far as the spoils of ‘Libyan gold’ are concerned. This will be regardless of their justified fears that a NATO intervention will see oil pipelines and wells blown up all over the Middle East.

The end product of the two-day NATO talks is expected to be an agreement that NATO will impose a ‘no-fly zone’, and train the counter-revolutionaries once it is satisfied that neither the Chinese nor Russian Stalinists are willing to veto a UN Security Council resolution.

They will not put forward a resolution to the Security Council if there is to be a veto.

Colonel Gadaffi has already said that Libyans will take up arms against NATO if it imposes such a zone.

After the Yugoslav, Iraqi and Afghan disasters, the imperialists are now poised to invade Libya, in the mother of all adventures, to try to install a right wing group as its government, in order to be able to garrison North Africa from a number of Libyan bases and steal Libya’s oil.

We urge the EU trade unions and especially the UK trade unions to warn their governments that they will organise political strikes if NATO intervenes.

We urge workers and youth in the Middle East to halt all oil supplies to the US, the EU and the UK in the event of NATO intervention, and to overthrow their rulers if they back such intervention.

In such a struggle it is the duty of the working people of the world to defend Libya and its oil reserves, to oppose any plans to either partition or conquer it, and to be unconditionally for the victory of the Libyan government, armed forces and people under the leadership of Colonel Gadaffi.

If, after all of their huge losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, the NATO states intervene in Libya then they deserve to be defeated and overthrown by the working class at home.

After all these same governments have declared war on the working people and the middle class at home as well as the Libyan people abroad.

In fact, the enemy is at home, and not in Libya or anywhere else.

The working class in the UK must contribute to the peace and safety of the planet by bringing down the rapacious UK ruling class and by going forward to a workers government, socialism and fraternal relations with the peoples of the planet.